Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is Exciting!

Yesterday I had a little time before I picked up my son from soccer so I decided to drop by the Goodwill.  Nothing!   I only saw one dress I kind of wanted but not enough to pay 9.99.   I didn't love it.   So I moved on to the Salvation Army, one I don't usually shop at.   I didn't find clothes I wanted but right off the bat I found this!   I have been wanting a white leather  purse for summer.   A few week ends ago I found  a white leather Michael Kors with tags for 50.00.  The problem was, I didn't love it.  I liked it, it was nice.  And it was my shopping budget for the weekend and I didn't want to blow it all at the first sale.  And like I said, I didn't Love it so I passed.   Well today I found this nice white leather purse for 7.99.  And it's in great shape.   And really important I think, the inside was immaculate!  It didn't even look like it had been used.  No rips, tears, pen or lipstick stains, nothing.   Just a little spray of lysol and good to go!  And wipe down the outside.  Its a 100% leather Tignanello.   Not a super expensive brand or anything but nice.  As a matter of fact I bought a Tignanello in black last fall and like it so much I rarely ever change bags, it goes with everything and is a great quality for everyday use.  I paid 80.00 for my black one at T.J Maxx, it was marked down from a retail price of 150.00.   Just to give you an idea about Tignanello.
 So anyway, I was really thrilled to find this nice summer bag for next to nothing!  Isn't it beautiful?

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  1. Wow, fantastic find! I bet you're really proud of it, its lovely, and such a bargain! :)