Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday yard sales!

I went out for a little while this morning and found a lot of clothes but I am only going to post what I found for myself.   I'm always on the look out for other people in my family too, but that would be too much to post especially at the prices I got today!  One yard sale was for a high school dance team and the mom volunteers just wanted out of there!  5 articles of clothing for a dollar.   I found several pieces for my niece in great shape-Juicy, Roxy to name a few.   I picked up these two t-shirts for myself.  Just shirts but with a little something extra so they aren't just plain.   I like to wear these comfortable tees.   This one is Merona, which is Target, .25c.     The darker gray one was .25c too.

On the way home I saw a sign for a garage sale in an industrial garage type area and turned in.  This nice lady had tons of cute designer clothes and she said she'll have even more out tomorrow.  I picked up this BCBGMaxazria skirt for 3.25 brand new.  I think it is pretty cute.   I may go by again tomorrow and see what else she brings out, not sure.  I have a pretty busy day tomorrow.

I'll throw this cute CK tiedye sort of top in here too even though I got it at the Sal. Army yesterday.  It was 3.50 but I really like the colors and I have some brown pants it will go with perfectly.

And this is one of my favorite recent finds, I got this pretty top about 3 weeks ago at the Sal. Army for 2.00 and I have worn it several times.  It is so pretty and cool and comfy.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This is Exciting!

Yesterday I had a little time before I picked up my son from soccer so I decided to drop by the Goodwill.  Nothing!   I only saw one dress I kind of wanted but not enough to pay 9.99.   I didn't love it.   So I moved on to the Salvation Army, one I don't usually shop at.   I didn't find clothes I wanted but right off the bat I found this!   I have been wanting a white leather  purse for summer.   A few week ends ago I found  a white leather Michael Kors with tags for 50.00.  The problem was, I didn't love it.  I liked it, it was nice.  And it was my shopping budget for the weekend and I didn't want to blow it all at the first sale.  And like I said, I didn't Love it so I passed.   Well today I found this nice white leather purse for 7.99.  And it's in great shape.   And really important I think, the inside was immaculate!  It didn't even look like it had been used.  No rips, tears, pen or lipstick stains, nothing.   Just a little spray of lysol and good to go!  And wipe down the outside.  Its a 100% leather Tignanello.   Not a super expensive brand or anything but nice.  As a matter of fact I bought a Tignanello in black last fall and like it so much I rarely ever change bags, it goes with everything and is a great quality for everyday use.  I paid 80.00 for my black one at T.J Maxx, it was marked down from a retail price of 150.00.   Just to give you an idea about Tignanello.
 So anyway, I was really thrilled to find this nice summer bag for next to nothing!  Isn't it beautiful?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday yard sales!

I got out early today and hit a couple of yard sales.  I found some nice things, some great everyday pieces.  Here we go-

First of all this cute and cool summer dress by Wet Seal, $ 1.00!

The dress has an offwhite background and the pattern is little tiny hearts in brown, beige, rust.  It is very summery and will be perfect for these hot, humid days we're having.

Next is the pretty coral colored tank, Banana Republic for..........$ 1.00!

Perfect!  I really like the gathering at the bust, it's really pretty and the fabric is super soft.  It doesn't look like it's been worn either.

Next is this soft pink stretch top by Banana Republic for .25 cents !!!!!

I had to kneel on the ground and go through a lot of stuff but I found this and I think it was worth it.  I found a few things for my little niece while I was at it.   All the clothes at this yard sale were .25 cents. It was mostly children's clothes or not my size but I am very happy with what I did find.

Next is this Merona top from Target with the tags still on it for, wait for it, $ 1.00!

This top is perfect, super soft fabric, it will go with a lot of things.  I see myself getting a lot of wear out of this one.  

And this is the Sexy, Basic Tee by Express, $ 1.00!
I'm loving the hot pink and the style of this basic  t-shirt, it's a little more fitted than regular  t-shirt.  Another item with no tags but looks brand new : )

And last but not least, this 100% silk blouse by Isaac Mizrahi for Target with the tags still on it, again for $ 1.00!!

I think I did pretty good today, don't you?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Thrift Store finds

 I few days ago I stopped in at the Goodwill and found this top.  It was green tag 50% off day.   For me, the challenge is finding something I want that is on sale.  Today I lucked out.   I've seen this type of top at Kohls recently for 20.00.   I really like this color and the detail around the neck of the shell, a little embroidery and beading.   And the color of both is perfect.    It is in new condition.   It is marked 4.99 and I got it for 2.50!
 I also found this beautiful top!  I love it!   the colors are so pretty and it fits just perfect.   It is by One World and their tops retail for around 40-50 dollars.   It was marked 4.99 green tag so I got this top for 2.50 too!   It is in new condition as well.
 It's hard to tell in a picture but the border around the neckline is satin and there are 3 buttons on the front for decoration.   So cute, I love love the colors!
 I stopped by a yard sale last weekend and found this cool  nightie by Dior.   It doesn't look like it has been worn either.   I picked it up for 1.00.   The nightie  is a navy blue trimmed in pink and is below the knee with slits to just above the knee, very classy.   You can't have too many pretty pajamas/nighties in my opinion : )

A little something

 I went to Big Lots the other day, haven't been in forever! I picked up some food items and was looking for king size pillowcases. I found these for 6.00 for a pair from Michael Kors. I was suprized to find his brand at BigLots. I got these pretty bluish/turquoise cases and then found some plain white ones which I needed for 6.00 also but a different brand. Can't remember. The white ones are actually a lot nicer than the Michael Kors, MK was only 300 thread count and the other ones were 600 and you can really tell the difference. I haven't washed them yet so Im sure the MK will soften up some. Then I ran across some pretty light turquoise colored washcloths. 4 for 6.00. These are Tommy Hilfiger and they actually are a much better quality than the others that were for sale. I could have picked up a stack of about 12 wash cloths for about the same price but they were thin and rough and poor quality, not something I want to wash my face with. So I am happy with these.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Accessories !!

I went to a yard sale a few weekends ago and found these earrings.  The people having the sale had a lot of new clothes on racks and said that they had an online store and were cleaning house.  Much of the prices they were asking was what they would expect to get from their store.   Definitely not the prices we were looking for at a yard sale unless it was something really great and there wasn't anything like that there.  But I did pick up a couple of pair of earrings for .50c that were new and still in bags.  


                                                                     And these:

               One day I ran into the .99c store for something and found these in an assortment of colors.  I only got this greenish blue color.  The earrings are wood and look kind of 70's to me, I found a really pretty blouse recently too that looks retro/70's ish and has this color in it so I think these will be perfect.  If your ears are bothered by cheap wires, Micheal's craft store sells  package of 4 pair I think it is, of sterling silver ear hooks for 3 or 4 dollars.    And a box of about 50 rubber stoppers for about 2.00 dollars.   Always a good thing to have on hand anyway if you lose a backing.    I will probably just leave these be, I have had my ears pierced for so long, nothing ever bothers me except earrings that might be too heavy and these are all three very, very light.  (these were .99c by the way, .99c store and all)

I usually get reading glasses at the .99c store too,  I just like to leave them in different places around the house so when I need them I can just grab them instead of look for my glasses which are usually in my purse.   If they get lost or sat on, no problem.  I actually like the pretty aqua colored frames.   2.00 for 2.

And I pair of inexpensive (.99c!) sunglasses.  I wreck these all the time or leave them somewhere and I thought these were pretty cute.  I don't like to wear my expensive glasses out to the park to play with my son or walk the dog so these are perfect and white for summer!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I've been wanting to do a treasure hunting (thrifting, shopping) blog for a while after seeing so many interesting ones out there, and share my great finds as well.  To start out I will post my finds from today and will go backwards from there a little as I have found some great things this past month.  

Target!!!   I went in looking for a pair of brown sandals.   I never found any.  But I walked out with four other pair of shoes for 39.95 including the tax!!!  I am pretty tall (5' 11") and wear flats often for that reason and for comfort as well.  I found these really cute espadrille type shoes!  I love that they both have a glimmer of gold in the fabric that doesn't shoe in the pictures unfortunately.   They fit great and are so comfortable.   The beige ones will go with everything and the striped ones are just so cute.


These pink loafers are so pretty and are well made.  The material is suede and the soles are very comfortable with great padding.  I like the slimmer more pointed look, I think it makes them look more feminine.  

These beautiful, bright blue with the silver tips were a great find, I was in Target a few weeks ago and bought a tan pair for 19.99 (these were  $ 12.48)  and they didn't have this pretty, blue color.  Target also had a bright almost neon pink color on sale but I think that is a little much for me.  I have a size 10 foot and in my  opinion that is too much pink!   Shoes that are really cute in smaller sizes don't always translate too well in the larger sizes, 10 & up!   It is good to see stores having bigger sizes like 11 and 12 more often.  There a lot more tall girls and women out there it seems with bigger feet now days.  My mom said she was considered having big feet for a girl at a size 8 1/2, that seem about normal now.  

Target had the really high heeled pumps with the wedges at the ball of the foot too, really pretty, in hot pink, gold and other colors, cute wedges in canvas and rope heels in a lot of colors too with major price cuts, 50% and 70% off.   Get over to Target this weekend if you need some shoes!