Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday thrifting and yard saling!

I had some really good finds today!  First off I went to a community garage sale. I picked up this rely cute dress by BCBG Nordstrom for .50 cents 

I love it!  I found this very cute T by ROXY 
For .50cents.
Very pretty graphic, front and back.
Pretty and fun!  I picked up a couple  of toys there too, really cute, clean, like new!  

I found 4 of these cute ribbed tank tops with the Eiffel Tower in rhinestones, brand new. I will put these in my ebay store along with a few other things. 

Cheshire Cat from Walt Disney .50 cents and a Care Bear, .50cents

Then I swing by my favorite Salvation Army and got lucky there too!  It was 50% off everything but collectibles day.  I found a brand new set of Crate and Barrel old fashion drink glasses for 2.50 still in the box!  If you've ever shopped Crate and barrel you know that was a find 🎅

I love these, the go perfectly with my Christmas decor and will be perfect for my annual Christmas party. 

I found this pewter wine dish for 2.05 from Wilton Columbia. I love it! It's in French, it says a dinner without wine is like a day without sun.  I have to agree!

I thin my favorite thing of all is this bird and feather scarf I found, 1.48. Sooo cute and so in style right now.  I'm seeing bird prints and feathers everywhere and I love birds! And feathers 🎄

I picked up this cool pair of UGG leather boots for my older son, he's in college but he loves it when I pick up cool stuff for him.  I bought him the suede UGGS a few times for Christmas and they go for 150-200 so these are probably not cheap either. Score!  I had a great time, I love to look and found some things too. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A little Early Christmas Thrifting

Well I guess it really isn't that early now is it?  Especially for decorations.  I didn't get much today but I did want to share this beautiful cranberry wreath I found at the Salvation Army.   It was 30% percent off on Bric-a-brac day so I got a great deal on it too.  It is Pottery Barn and still has the tag with it and the hanger ribbon is still wrapped in plastic so I don't think it has ever been used.  It's very pretty, reminds me of a Martha Stewart cranberry wreath project a few years ago that I wanted to do but the beads for it would have cost about 80.00.    Too much for one wreath for me.  This one is so pretty, the berries are glass so it is a solid wreath and the beads are strung on wire.
It's 12 inches across.    It was priced at 1.69 with 30 percent off so I paid 1.11 cents for this wreath which would be a great deal on a napkin ring at Pottery Barn, lol!

A little update:  This exact wreath is being sold online at EBAY for 44.00 plus 8.00 shipping! Nice to get mine for a little over a dollar ; )

Being Thrifty, not just thrifting!

I have been wanting to get a pretty gel manicure.  They are a little pricey though, aren't they?  And I wonder about a product that I have to soak my fingers in for any length of time.   So I was looking around and have found the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.  It is a gel that does not require a special curing light or soaking to remove the polish.   I received a bottle for my birthday last week and I thought I would give it a try.  At around 9 dollars a bottle for the color or 15.99 for the bottle of color and the necessary gel topcoat, it is a pretty nice deal compared to a salon manicure.

I liked this teal color my son picked out for me : )  I guess he noticed the teal I have been using around the house for decorating and remembered I liked it!   I probably would not have picked this color out for myself but I'm glad he did because I wound up really liking it.  

I always try to do thin coats so they dry really well even if I have to do an extra one for coverage.  I wound up doing 3 coats of this polish, shown below. 

I used the top coat to cure it and sat for awhile waiting for it to dry.   I did it in the evening and was up for a few hours so it did have a chance to dry.  Still the next day I wound up with several dings and scratches.   

 I smoothed them out with polish remover and then applied another coat to the ones that were damaged.  I had checked out a few websites and read that it helps to go outside for a few minutes so I did that.  That must be the trick because they held up very well this time.  

This is after 5 days, picture below and I think it did pretty well.  I actually did a lot with my hands, washed dishes, worked on beadwork, combed my dogs and kitty, my regular stuff.  I don't see it looking that great at 14 days but for me regular polish and topcoat usually starts chipping off in a day or two.  
I will definitely give Sally Hansen Miracle Dry another try and get some Red polish for Christmas.  Here is the link for a lady named Karen Falcon at who blogged about it and shows all the beautiful colors there are.   She reviewed every other polish brand you can think of too so it's a lot of info!!  Probably too much for me.  
 (PS.  I am not associated with Sally Hansen in anyway or Karen, I just thought it would be fun to post my process and that someone might find it useful and a way to save some money : )

After 5 days, just started to chip a little at the thumb and the cuticle area on my index finger.