Monday, September 17, 2012

 This cute little guy is Max, my nephew.   I usually have my eye out for clothes for him when I am out thrifting.   Little kids grow overnight so in my opinion thrifting is a great way to go.
 I hit a yard sale on Sunday and got these for him for 2.50 for all of it, 2 pants, 4 shirts and some shorts.

I stopped in at the Salvation Army earlier in the week and they were having a 1/2 off color tag sale.  I really do love polka dots and I have been finding a lot of them.  This dress is a satiny fabric with pleats in the front.  I love it!  It is a white background with brown dots.  I got this dress for 4.00.

 Then at the same time I found this polka dot dress.  It is a sundress with full skirt and the background is brown with white multi size polka dots.   It is perfect for the very warm weather we are still having.  I really love this one too.   I got this one for 4.00 also and found the exact dress online in blue for 49.00!(no longer available)
 I went to a church rummage sale behind my house on Friday morning and found these for my niece.  The velveteen hoodie is like new and is Juicy Couture.   1.00 dollar.   The shorts are high waisted in plaid, really cute and are Forever 21.  1.00 dollar    The pants are black with sparkly silver glitter in them.  They will look so cute on her : )  They were 1.00 dollar too.  Everything looked new!

I found another Quiksilver shirt for my son, one of his favorite brands.    $ 1.00 at the Salvation Army.  This was from today, I just ran in for a minute because it was 1.00 yellow tag day.  

 I got this night shirt for me, Christmas is coming and I LOVE Knott's Berry Farm.   We have annual passes every year and I worked there for 5 years a while back.   Growing up we went there pretty often on Sundays after church.   They had a section that was free admission back then with a steamboat and a train and a merry-go round.   It's brand new and still has the Knott's tag on it but the price is blacked out. It was at least 19.99 at Knott's but I paid......1.00!

I found this shirt at the rummage sale on Friday too, a cute shirt for Halloween. 1.00 dollar.  It still has the Target tags on it,  8.00 dollars.  
That's my thrifting for this past weekend, as I said before if you read it,  Saturday was way too hot!!  No fun at all.  The temperature hit a high of 101 and I am less than 5 miles from the beach.  Crazy weather.  Today has been in the high 80's but that is definitely relieve.   Going outside was not unbearable.  Well, until next time!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 101

It's September and the 101 is the  temperature outside right now in So. California!   Our weather is usually pretty perfect but it has been hot and very humid.   Yuck.    I love my yard sales but I went out for a minute today just down the street to a yard sale and a church rummage sale and quickly went back home empty handed!  At the yard sale the clothes were in a pile in direct sun and I just couldn't handle it.  I need to go through everything to see if there are any hidden treasures but it was way too hot.   Same with rummage sale, a lot of clothes but the room was completely stuffy and hot too.   Fortunately I hit this one yesterday at 8:30 am before it had a chance to get hot and did find a few things for mom and my niece and me.  I am sitting on my bed with the a/c pointed at my body and here I will stay!   I'm to lazy to post those pics right now so I will later.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some back-to-school thrifting

Yesterday I went to a couple of my favorite thrift stores and found a few things for my 13 year old, my 3 year old nephew and for me.   I found a cute little pair of pajamas by Carters for my nephew and a pair of baby CROCS.   They are really cute small, I don't think they are too cute when they get really big sizes!  Those 2 items cost me a whopping $ 4.00.   Thrifting is good for everyone but babies and kids grow so fast it really makes sense.    Aren't these just the cutest?  And look  my nail polish matches : )

Next up for my 13 year old.  He just started Junior High.   He liked his first day yesterday.   We went school shopping for him and picked up a couple pairs of pants and about 6 or 7 new shirts and a new pair of shoes to start off the year.   I always thrift for him too after that, the newness wears off after a few washes and you can't tell what was thrifted and what was new after that!    Boys clothes can be pricey too, my son like the skateboard/surfwear brands Volcom, Billabong, Hurley, Vans, etc.   I can find them pretty regularly at the thrift stores or yard sales.   Look at these nice shirts for 1.00 each.



                                                This  is about 80.00 worth of shirts for 3 dollars.

I got this quiksilver hoodie for 1 dollar at a yard sale, I got my older son the exact same hoodie a year ago or so in a different color at the Quiksilver store for 68.00!    Was excited to find this.

For me I found a pair of sandals for 3.00.   These are the brand ECCO.  I didn't know too much about them before but just recently I went with my mom to the Walking Company store, her podiatrist recommended better shoes for some problems she has been having with her feet.   She purchased a nice pair of Danskos on sale for 85.00.    And a pair of TAOS brand shoes for 100.00.    The ECCO brand of sandals sells for 110.00 so when I saw these for 3.00 and in my size I grabbed them.   The look a lot cuter on and they really are super comfortable and definitely a well made shoe.

Last but definitely not least, I went to an estate sale a few weekends ago and grabbed this as soon as I saw it for 10.00!   The lady said she remembered her father carrying it back in the 70's.    I don't know if it is authentic Louis Vuitton  or not but it is really beautiful and looks like an antique briefcase.   I called the Louis Vuitton store in the mall to see if they would authenticate and the saleswoman said they don't do that, I would have to find someone who does that.  But she did say for 10.00 dollars even if it isn't, it is still an antique case and pretty cool.   I was thinking I could give it to my son to use for college, he likes things like this.   We'll see.     Anyway that is all for now but I expect to hit an Estate sale Friday before my busy weekend.