Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 101

It's September and the 101 is the  temperature outside right now in So. California!   Our weather is usually pretty perfect but it has been hot and very humid.   Yuck.    I love my yard sales but I went out for a minute today just down the street to a yard sale and a church rummage sale and quickly went back home empty handed!  At the yard sale the clothes were in a pile in direct sun and I just couldn't handle it.  I need to go through everything to see if there are any hidden treasures but it was way too hot.   Same with rummage sale, a lot of clothes but the room was completely stuffy and hot too.   Fortunately I hit this one yesterday at 8:30 am before it had a chance to get hot and did find a few things for mom and my niece and me.  I am sitting on my bed with the a/c pointed at my body and here I will stay!   I'm to lazy to post those pics right now so I will later.


  1. UGH...It's down to nice, fall temps here in OH! I even got to wear a sweater yesterday lol. I'm with you- I'm pretty patient but when something like heat enters the pic, I all of the sudden can't stand thrifting anymore. It's the same with crowded or uncomfortably high clothing racks...I just give up. Thrifting's not worth it if you're uncomfy.

  2. seriously what the eff Cali? I am going crazy here! I was in Redondo Beach over the weekend and it was even 100 there.. bleh! Thank yo for stopping by my blog too! I love hearing from other thrifters!!