Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More 90% off Christmas decor at the Salvation Army

I live by the ocean and it never gets very cold here so I left up my beach tray, the colors were perfect and the tray is appropriate based on our weather!  I picked up the needle point Santa for .09 cents, he is so cute. 

The Santa below is much larger, about 24 inches tall and needlepoint too, so cute!  .09 cents.

Look at this Gorgeous wreath!!  .41 cents. I Love it.  It had a Michaels tag for 36.99.   .41 cents, I got it for .41 cents!!!  I got another similar one with two swags to go with it with red balls on it, very beautiful too, .41 cents each.  I have it bagged up already to pack away for next year.  A total of about 100.00 worth of decorations for about 1.60.  I can hardly wait for next year to decorate again!

I picked up this vintage looking piece at the thrift for .99 cents before the big sale.  So sweet. 

And this vintage plastic wreath. I meant to put a red bow at the top, a red plastic one but I never got around to it.  

Christmas finds that I love <3

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

I found this awesome Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore Santa figure to add to my Christmas decorations!  I was very excited, isn't he adorable?  And he's holding a cat which makes it even better. He is about 12" tall.  I found him at the Salvation Army for.......33 cents!!!  He was 3.39 but they started a 90% off Christmas decorations sale a whole  5 days before Christmas so I picked him up. The tree he is standing by was .09 cents!!! This figurine is selling right now at for 66.00. I scored.  I have a Jim shore Halloween snow globe I bought a few years ago and it was 54.00.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Look one size smaller! NYDJ

Um gotta love it when the label on a pair of jeans says that! I've tried them on, the fit like a glove bit have stretch so they are very comfortable. I got these at the Salvation Arny in Fountain Valley, Ca on 50% off everything day making them 7.50. For a brand new pair of teal (my favorite color) stretch Not Your Daughters Jeans.  This brand retails for 90.00 and up and was once one of Oprahs picks.  

I found another pair same brand in blue denim for my mom and she really likes them too.  Mine are skinny jeans, hers are not, for a similar price NWT on the same day. Score!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thrifty finds

Check out this beautiful table cloth I recently found at a rummage sale.   So pretty for spring and summer.  It's an April Cornell Tablecloth and they retail from 50-60 dollars and more.  Great deal for 1.00.

I picked up a couple of Pyrex lids for .25 cents each at the Salvation Army,  you never know when you'll find the bottom to match, it's happened to me before!

An awesome Starbucks Mug, one I've never seen to add to my collection.  .70 cents.

I was very excited to find these Brand New Adrienne Vittadini jeweled leather sandals at the Salvation Army this week for 4.00!  They last retailed at Macy's for 79.00.  These may have been at Ross based on thelook of the  red size sticker but they are a perfect fit and so pretty!  I've been wanting jeweled sandals ever since I thrifted some for my sister a few summers ago.  Love, love, love!!!

This is such a cute top although you can't really tell by the pictures.  It's a Lauren for Ralph Lauren boatneck top in Navy blue with gold, glittery stripes.  So cute!   It was 2.00.  If anyone is in the Orange County, CA  Anaheim area, the Salvation Army there on La Palma Parkway has Adult clothing on sale everyday for 2.00 even though the price tags say more.  Children's clothing is 1.00.  Awesome buys.
This top will look great with dark wash jeans or a nice crisp pair of white slacks would be pretty too.

Well that is it for this post, I'm hoping to get out there more often for some summer clothes and other great finds.   (Pyrex, Starbucks, etc.)

Friday, May 15, 2015

50% off everything sale today and tomorrow at Salvation Army"s in OC!

Om gosh, I found some cute stuff!  Look at these adorable cat coasters, each one is different made of heavy ceramic and nicely painted.  1.15 for the whole set.

I was thrilled to find this piece of vintage Pyrex, it's called Forest fantasies and I already ha one bowl and I found this one today for 1.40 !

I found these beautiful shoes my Ivanka Trump, they are brand new, never worn and with half off were 3.00.  

These great work shoes by Aerosoles, black leather heeled loafers will be so comfortable and cute! In excellent condition.  

I found this cute ceramic coffee cup with rubber lid that's says Elijah Bleu's which is a coffee house and restaurant in Truckee, CA but is also my cousins name so I got it for him. So cute with a mountain scene and he lives in the mountains too. There's a few other SA in my area to check out so talk later!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Back to the thrift stores and some great finds!

Today I had some time to myself and I decided to go thrifting at a couple of places that I go to regularly but I went to a different city.  Goodwill and Salvation Army.  They did not disappoint!  I went to the Goodwill first and looked at what seemed like everything and I just wasn't feeling anything.  Then on the last aisle I went down I spied a red tea kettle.  I made note to be sure and check that out before I left as there was a woman standing right in front of it looking.  So I waited for her to get done and then walked over and picked it right up and turned it over and sure enough my hunch was correct!!  It was a Le Creuset classic demi  tea kettle.  The price tag said 4.99.  Score!!  I looked it up at Williams -Sonoma and the suggested retail is 100.00 and their price was 70.00.  So I got an excellent deal.  It matches exactly with another piece I found, a Le Creuset ceramic utensil holder that I picked up about a year ago for .99cents.  They are both a beautiful red ombre color.

I left there and headed over to the Salvation Army.  I found a couple of things there.  The most exciting to me was a piece of vintage Pyrex that matches with another piece I already have.  And the price, I picked it up for 2.79.   I was thrilled with this find too.

I found an awesome dress, this is a shift type dress, the Payne dress by Diane Von Furstenburg.  I have been finding quite a few of her dresses and tops lately.   This one is so cute.  It originally sold for 425.00 when it first came out.  I paid 9.19 for mine. 

Then I found a pair of awesome ankle strap wedge sandals by UGG for 8.00.  They are like brand new and just a quality well made shoe.  A similar sandal on the UGG website retails for 110-140.00 so I got another great deal. 

I found a really cute pink canvas tote bag by Robin Ruth for 1.99, LONDON is written all over it.  I have the same brand bag with Hawaii on it, I thrifted it before my first trip to Hawaii.  I saw it in a retail store for 35.00, the London bag is a little smaller but looks like a new bag.  Very cute!

In a bin I found the cutest little wristlet by SAKROOTS.  I love the print, it is so nice it has birds on it.  It has kind of a waxy canvax look and feel.  This little bag is brand new too. 

Last but not least I found a box of vintage French verb cards.  Flash cards from the 60's.  I already had the vocabulary cards that I had thrifted about 2 years ago and now I have the verb cards from the same maker, Vis-Ed in pretty pink boxes.

Today was a good thrifting day!!  I always think, I'll never find anything better than something I have already found and then I do!   Reminding me that there are still plenty of treasures out there for you and me to find so keep looking!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dollar store thrifty

I do check out the Dollar Tree and 99 cent store from time to time. A lot of times there are brand name products to be found.  My brother works in the produce and market industry and a lot of times a whole palette of merchandise will be turned down by major stores simply because of a torn box or something equally simple and wind up at the dollar stores.  Sometimes discontinued and other reasons. But there are several bloggers and vloggers on utube who try products at the different stores and write reviews on products.  Very helpful!  I have used Milani make up products before from the drugstore and have found this brand at the Dollar tree several times. Recently I found these pretty glittery eyeshadows. I am making little Easter baskets for my nieces with beauty products and very little candy. 

They are very pretty colors and come in beautiful packaging as well. 
These compacts of Physicians Formula powders are 13.95 at CVS. I gave this one to my mother and it works great for her. 

These little paper/cardboard boxes. Are so pretty, I am going  to use these for the Easter baskets and then cover them with cellophane. 3@1.00 

Got both of these lip glosses from L'oreal Paris color riche, just a hint of color, perfect for young 20's. Got them both free as Dollar Tree accepts manufacturers coupons.  
Plastic baskets can also be used as Easter baskets. 
More make up and polish. 
This PF powder I got for myself and I think it works great.  I usually spent 30 on Urban Decay and I'm sure I will again but I really like this one and there is just the right amount of shimmer. 1.00!
Beautiful glittery nail polish by Milani for my sister.  She loves glittery everything so she will get a basket too.  She is a ballroom dancer and really glitters up for her dances so all the soarkles are perfect.  It's fun to be able to give more presents with the help of the dollar stores.