Monday, January 14, 2013

A new store!

A new thrift store opened up nearby, it's called Working Wardrobe and if you're in the OC area it is on the corner of Placentia and 19th. It is very neat and clean, more like a resale shop but the sign says thrift store. Donations, no buying of clothes. The clothing is more brand names and the prices are higher. An example, a pretty Ann Taylor sweater for 14.99. A good price for the item but not thrift prices. They were having a sale, 2.99 for all pants and skirts so I did find a few things I wanted.

I got this really pretty 100% wool skirt from Jones New York.  It is greens and pink.

These super soft and pretty pull on pants from Nieman Marcus are 100% cashmere!   I think they will be so comfortable to wear around and they are extra long : )  I'm extra tall!

And these great jeans, GAP 1969 in great shape.  Can always use another great pair of jeans!

I bought a piece of jewelry on ebay for the first time, I got it for 11.00 and free shipping for a big, red statement necklace.   It is really pretty and the quality looks really good.  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I did a little thrifting during the Christmas season that I haven't had a chance to post, I picked up this beautiful handbag by Michael Kors.   It was in perfect condition, soft, supple leather with no scratches and on the inside the interior is spotless like it would be directly from the store. Amazing find !  It was at the Goodwill and was 14.99.   Most of the time the Goodwill seems overpriced, much more so than the Salvation Army but I still stop in every so often for a look around and I was so glad I did this day!

                              It matchs perfectly with my recently purchased Pendleton wallet.  Lucky!

This is Middle Son, he is out thrifting with me and being silly, he put on this grass skirt and danced around amusing himself and everyone else : )

I found these beautiful Cole Haan Nike Air patent leather pumps that are new too.   They were priced at 8.00 but all the shoes where half off at the Lutheran High Thrift so I got these for 4.00!    Cole Haan pumps can retail from around 120.00 to 245.00 dollars for a pair of pumps! 

Although I haven't had a chance to thrift since the holidays I did drive by one of my favorite Salvation Army stores and the parking lot was very crowded with people dropping off all kinds of goodies!  It was piled up high outside.   I can't wait to have a chance to get out there and shop!   I have a few bags to drop of myself, mostly clothes and toys my 13 year old has outgrown.