Friday, January 29, 2016

Thrifty dollar goodness

 I'm definitely a thrifty shopper in more ways than one.  I love my thrift stores and yard sales but I like to check out the dollar tree and 99cent only store too.  Today I picked up a double pack of AIm massage toothbrushes for 1.00, an ELF jumbo lipgloss stick, 1.00, a 2 oz size tube of  Dermasil oil free daily retinol face cream and a tube of the night moisturizer, too.  I got a new book, Lydia's Party.  It has a pretty cover and sounds like a good read. Retail 26.98, my price, 1 dollar. Especially looking forward to reading this, JoAnn Mapson, author, reviewed it and I think she's an awesome author besides being an old friend of my moms!  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

January thriftiness

I went thrifting a little today at the Salvation Army, my favorite, and picked up a few great things!   My middle son is going back to school tomorow and we are getting some rain so I found him an umbrella.   A BURBERRY UMBRELLA!!!!!   It is in perfect condition and is very nice.  I didn't open it to take a picture because of having to get it back in its holder.   I found a similar umbrella at Burberry for 225.00.  For an umbrella??????!!!!!!!    $ 1.69 was an awesome price.  

The same son is an art major so I grabbed these paint brushes by Princeton Art and Brush Co.  The smallest one retails for 2.88 on their website on sale.  I got all six of them for $ 1.69.

My oldest son is artistic too and likes to do ink drawings just for fun.  He was asking me awhile back if I had any fine line drawing pens so I has happy to find these for 2.29.  I scanned them and the retail was 14.95.  

Check out this very pretty 3 wick 14 oz candle by Bath & Body Works home.   It smells WONDERFUL.  Pomegranate Prosecco Punch.   This size and style candle retails in BBW for 22.95.  Some of their holiday scents are on sale on their website right now for 12.00.  I picked up this brand new candle for 6.10.  1/4 of the regular price and 1/2 of the sale price.  Yay!  I am always on the look out for candles when thrifting, I find them very often.  I like Yankee Candles too, high quality, made in the USA candles that retail for about 15.00 or so and I find them for .99, 1.69 in the past.

While I was in the store they announced a flash sale on clothing for an hour.  This dress was 9.19 so I was able to get it for 4.60.   Just a cute shift dress to wear under a black sweater, I'm thinking with some black tights and black flats.  It is very cute on.  SAG Harbor.   

Even just picking up a few items I had huge savings.  Which is one reason I love to thrift shop.  It's fun, I never know what I'm going to find and the amount of money I save is awesome.  Till next time!