Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy birthday to me, I'm fifty three!

There's nothing too thrifty about this post, nothing at all really.  It's my birthday today, I'm 53 and proud of it : ). I always celebrate with my twin.  We had Victorian tea.  Very nice : ).

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rummage sale and Halloween Craft Fair on Friday!

My sister came up again this Friday and we picked up our mom and hit a rummage sale.  It was a pretty big one and we all found something.  First off, I picked up a few pieces of jewelry and a scarf for a whopping 4.00!

The cutest little Christmas ball earrings for 1.00, star earrings 1.00, zebra striped scarf/pashmina 1.00!!!!  A snowman pin, .50,  a pair of red rhinestone earrings, .50,  and one USA earring, .50 that I plan  to use as a lapel pin.

I love this scarf and I'm starrting to plan what I can wear with it.  It's pretty big, much bigger than I scarf, more like a wrap.

These no flame candles were a gift from a friend.  I 've been driving her husband to doctor appts because she has to work and is worried about losing her job.  Her husband requires a lot of doctor visits, he crushed his leg a few months ago working.   She gave me these flameless  candles and a nice bottle of wine.  Very sweet : )

Found:  Gurley Halloween candle!!  Vintage witch for 25cents.

These candles were .25 each.  Vintage painted candles.  I remember having these types of candles around when I was little.  The witch is definitely old but the pumpkin head may be a little newer.   Gurley Candle Co. was known for making holiday candles, especially Halloween and Christmas.  They are highly collectible today.  I was thrilled to find one for next to nothing to add to my Halloween decor.  

Isn't she awesome,  I love her!!

I picked up these little pumpkins and basket for .10 each!!!!!!

This little wooden carved cat is a treasure in my opinion, I love him : )  Got him at the Goodwill for 5.00.  I had to have him.  My husband loves wood and things carved from wood so I picked this up for him.  He put it on top of a pretty wooden jewelry type box he has next to the bed.  It looks really cute there : )      ( Excuse my nail polish!!!  I've got to get it off right away!)

We went to a big craft fair called the Sugar Plum.    We have them nearby 4 times a year right before big holidays.  I love to support local artists and try to buy from the people who have the Handmade Items certification.  Some are not.

They always have this cool Halloween house!   This fair really but me in the mood for Halloween and fall but we walk outside and its 90 outside with hot Santa Ana winds!  Yesterday it got up to 92 and it is 930 am right now and I am already sweating and getting ready to turn the air on.  Yuck.   On a happier note I still have tomatos in my garden!  They must like the heat, I picked 5 really big, fat, juicy ones today and there are still a few greenies left that need to ripen.  I love having my own tomatos, I guess that's kind of thrifty too but I grow them because they are so delicious and have so much flavor.

Yes, my 22 year old son here, went with us to a craft fair.  It's kind of a tradition, he always went when he was little with me and his grandmother  and we still love him to go and obliges us.  Nice guy : )   Well I found some great things I think, enjoy!