Friday, August 24, 2012

Pretty in Pink Thrifty Haul!

I was at the Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago and found this dress!  I LOVE polka dots and I like pink and black.  I really like the bow and sash and the twirly skirt.   I paid full S.A. price for this, no sale, but I really liked this dress and and couldn't leave without it!   6.99

I really liked this one too and paid 7.99 for it.   That's a lot for me at a thrift store but still way less than retail.  They are both really my style of dress, kind of a wrap style dress, or faux wrap.  I think this style hides a few extra inches around the middle pretty nicely.

 I saw this 100% Geniune Leather jacket, brand new and had to have it.   I paid 5.00 for it!!! Don't you just love the ruffle detailing around the collar?  I do!!  (That is my puppy Lincoln at the top of the picture.  He didn't want to move.  Isn't he pretty?  He is a chow/border collie mix and he is a sweetheart. He isn't leaving my side today as I was gone for a week and he missed me so much.  Now he's afraid to let me out of his sight : )

I got this pink/rose colored blazer for 3.00 dollars, it's Banana Republic and I don't think it's ever been worn either, no tags.    Perfect for fall!
 I love this blouse by BASS, 2.00.   It is a very light weight cotton and so comfortable with such a pretty pattern.  

   I got these low heeled Worthington's for 4.00 at Lutheran High School thrift store, one of my favorite stores!  I'm thinking I can wear them with the brown polka dotted dress.

And these cute beaded sandals for 4.00 also.    I think a very successful day thrifting!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lutheran High Thrift Store Trip

Yesterday I made a stop at this particular store I hadn't been to in a while and I really lucked out!  I actually found a few things but I'm just going to post this for now real quick because I was pretty thrilled about it.  I picked up this pair of BORN sandals to go with my newly thrifted white purse!  I've been wanting white sandals but just haven't found any I really wanted even at the retail store.   The white leather sandals are perfect!  I love the big leather flowers, so perfect and Born is a well made shoe and super comfortable.  These were in like new condition, I just wiped them down with alcohol and sprayed a little Lysol and they are perfect!  Wearing them today.   Will post my other items later.  (oh, these sandals were 4.00  : )

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thrifting finds for the Mr.!

This morning before going to work a little in our community garden parcel, my mom and I stopped by the Salvation Army.  She was looking for a little table to go in her kitchen.  I have been kind looking for a pair of black skinny jeans but haven't been looking too hard.   I didn't find them today but I did see a nice J.Crew sweater I liked but it wasn't the tag color on sale.   Clear tags were 50%.  It is kind of a fun challenge for me to find something that is for sale that I want.  Of course if I reeallllyy wanted something I would get it, the Salvation Army price is great considering most retail prices.  But I didn't love the sweater so I passed.    I decided to go over and look in the men's button down shirt section.  My Mister is not too concerned with his clothes and I usually wind up shopping for him.   He always wears Levi 501's so that is easy.  He has one pair of dress slacks for that special occasion.   But he does go through the button down shirts and will usually wear one until it is holey or faded.   I shop different places for him-Macy's, Express, T.J Maxx, etc. Once I picked up a few of his favorite shirts practically new at the thrift shop and  he was on board after that!   Today I was lucky and found 4, 3 were the 50% off tag!    One shirt did not have the sale color tag on it but it was such a nice shirt in brand new condition and I know what a shirt like it goes for so I got it too.   It was from Express, the MX1, and they sell retail for about 60.00 so 12.99 was a steal.   I picked up a brown one with interesting blue diamond shapes by Sisley(United Colors of Benetton sells this brand) an Arrow fitted stretch shirt and a Nice Billabong plaid.  I think he's going to like all of them : )

Express MX1 dress shirt 59.50   My Price 12.99 !!!

Billabong button down shirt retail about 45.00 50.00   My Price 3.00!!

Arrow fitted, stretch dress shirt  retail around 40.00     My Price  2.50!!

Sisley button down shirt around 35.00 40.00 retail   My Price 3.00!!!