Thursday, January 15, 2015

Great dollar tree finds!

Well I love all kinds of thriftiness and I do check the dollar tree and 99 cent stores every so often for deals on name brand products.  Last week I was pleasantly suprized at the dollar tree when I found Milani eye shadows for 1.00 each.  Milani is a very nice drugstore brand, they have a beautiful website and are made in Italy. I bought some eyeshadow at my CVS drugstore and really liked it so I was excited to find it for 1.00. These colors are very bold and colorful and glittery.  I am leaving for a 2 week cruise on Sunday with my sister and my mom, there will be dress up dinners and a luau in Hawaii and new makeup will be fun : ) definitely opportunities for glittery, colorful eye shadows !  Aren't the colors gorgeous??  6 eye shadows that retail for 7.49 a piece, 6 dollars!   44.94 for 6 at retail means a 38.94 savings.  Very thrifty don't you think?  We were in Hawaii last year at the exact same time on the same cruise and we had so much fun we are doing it again.  Of course while in Hawaii we hit the thrift stores there too.  We needed Hawaiian garb for Hawaiian night on the ship so while everyone else headed to Hilo Hattie's for clothes we headed to the thrift store and found our Hilo Hattie dresses for 6-9 dollars instead of 40- 60 and up for dresses at the store and they were just as beautiful ! It left us with more money to spend on the edible treats at HH's instead and coffee in Kona for souvenirs and gifts : )