Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm back!!!!

I don't know what happened, the last couple of months just flew by!  We are renters and wound up having to move right before Christmas!  Our landlord decided he needed to sell right away and was actually going to give us till the 1st of Jan. but we decided getting into a new place and getting settled for some Christmas would be better than trying to have Christmas around a bunch of boxes.  So we did it.  It was a lot of work really fast but we managed to find a very nice place not too far from our previous house so no changing schools or shopping centers or neighborhoods.  Then I knew I was going to be leaving on a cruise for 2 weeks on the 18th of January and still had some unpacking and arranging to do around the house and then packing and planning clothes for the 15 days of cruising!  Not much time left for blogging but I did thrift a little bit before I left.  3 things, not much but great things that I wound up using a lot.

First, I found this awesome leather back bag by Tignallello.  I found a similar one on their website going for 145.00, I paid 3.99 at the Salvation Army.  It was perfect for the cruise, while I didn't really want to carry a purse on my arm all around the ship, it was a hike back to my room so I wanted to have some things with me and a small leather pack pack did the trick.  It worked perfectly and was out of my way.  I'm not a backpack person at all unless camping but this was perfect.  I've been using it at home since I got back too, so convenient and hands free!

Second, was this great canvas Hawaii bag!  (I cruised to Hawaii) Perfect.  I have seen similar bags for around 25.00 and mine was 4.99.  It has the painted word all over it and glitter too.   It had a little make up on it that I was sure I could get out so I asked if a markdown was possible and I was given another 1.00 off, 3.99.  I took it home, washed it in the sink with some mild soap and it was like new, the interior was spotless.  And to top it of 3 people asked me where I bought my bag.  It is a crossbody type messenger bag and really worked out well for all our running around.  Of course with such a great bag I did wind up carrying things for my sister and my mom too!

Third was this awesome straw beach tote with the cute cotton/canvas liner by Billabong, 4.99.  A similar one from the same brand was about 25.00-32.00.  Score.  Our last day on land was to be spent in Kona.  We decided to do our souvenir shopping in Kona (Kona Coffee!) and lay out on the beach in the remainder of the day and get some sun.   At sea the weather was mostly cold and some rain and the other islands were chilly and rainy too and Kona was supposed to be nice and warm.  We were bounding out of our rooms with our swimsuits under our clothes and our beach bags, my straw bag, etc., when we were told over the loud speaker that we were unable to dock in Kona because of rough water and waves.  OMGosh we were soooo disappointed!!!!   Not only that, the only other stop we would be making before home was Ensenada, Mexico.   It was nice but we did not want to get souvenirs there, we wanted things from Hawaii.  

Ensenada Flea Market

We also did some thrifting in Hawaii, yes we did!!  They had Goodwill and Salvation Army in every port, and a Humane Society Thrift store.  When everyone else was buying their Hawaiian attire at Hilo Hatties at full price, we went to the thrifts and got our authentic Hilo Hattie dresses for pennies compared to the retail prices and they were beautiful!  Score even on vacation.

The red dress is a Hilo Hattie and a similar dress on their website was 125.00, it is fancier and has ruffles everywhere,  she got hers for 9.00.  Mine is the orange one and I got it for 15.00 and a similar dress was 45.00.  For something that we won't wear a lot, it was a great way to not spend a lot.  We of course did do some shopping at Hilo's for their amazing snacks and candies, macadamia nut mango or guava cookies?  The best cookies ever!

Well I was feeling a little under the weather the last evening before we arrived home Sunday, I thought I was just feeling out of sorts about leaving the ship, we had so much fun! But by Monday I had full on strep throat and was sicker than I have been in Years for 5 days.  In bed, flat on my back!!!!  It was awful, I felt like I had swords sticking in my throat.  I ate an entire huge bag of popsicles by myself and whined a lot.  I am feeling a lot better today finally!  I hope to be back out thrifting soon for spring and of course I will be sharing!

Aloha !