Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas shopping

 I LOVE this little guy!!  Unfortunately no one else likes him : (  The mister and my son's think he's creepy!!   I used to play with trolls when I was little so I just think he's the cutest.  I got him for 1.50 and I'm pretty sure he was brand new, never used.  What do you think?

There is is great vintage shop near me, called Swellegant, it is a bit pricey but fun to browse around in.   When I drove by and saw these Christmas sweaters I had to get out and get some pictures.  The pictures aren't the greatest because of the reflection but you can see them.  

I know some might think these fall into the ugly Christmas sweater category but I love these woven cardigans, I think they are so cute!!!!   I would wear one with black skinny jeans and boots, cute, no?

 These actually run about 60 bucks so they are not inexpensive here.   I will be on the lookout for one at the thrifts. : )   So far I've found plenty of ugly Christmas sweat shirts but that's not what I want.

 I think this one is my favorite!!

Okay, here is another question......if you're here reading then I already know you probably love to thrift shop/yard sale/estate sale.   But what about for Christmas gifts??   Well, this year I did a combination of both.  I've been looking around for months and when I found something I thought someone would like that was brand new, with or without tags I would get it.   So with those items and some new store bought things, I did pretty well with all my shopping and didn't spend a ton.  I got some nice things too!   Like the dress for my little niece, it is just adorable, kind of a mod 70's style dress from baby Gap for 1.00 on half price day.  It is BRAND new.   I have a lot of little girl nieces (4) and only one nephew.  That day they had a ton of brand new toddler clothes so I really lucked out.   I don't have pictures of anything because I just didn't have time, I had to wrap and be done with it, we are having our family get together this evening.   About 4 years ago the whole family decided for fun that the only gifts we could give had to either be handmade or thrifted.   That was a lot of fun, trying to find the perfect give for everyone and a challenge.  What about you and thrifted gifts?  Do you give them?  Do you mind getting them??