Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas shopping

 I LOVE this little guy!!  Unfortunately no one else likes him : (  The mister and my son's think he's creepy!!   I used to play with trolls when I was little so I just think he's the cutest.  I got him for 1.50 and I'm pretty sure he was brand new, never used.  What do you think?

There is is great vintage shop near me, called Swellegant, it is a bit pricey but fun to browse around in.   When I drove by and saw these Christmas sweaters I had to get out and get some pictures.  The pictures aren't the greatest because of the reflection but you can see them.  

I know some might think these fall into the ugly Christmas sweater category but I love these woven cardigans, I think they are so cute!!!!   I would wear one with black skinny jeans and boots, cute, no?

 These actually run about 60 bucks so they are not inexpensive here.   I will be on the lookout for one at the thrifts. : )   So far I've found plenty of ugly Christmas sweat shirts but that's not what I want.

 I think this one is my favorite!!

Okay, here is another question......if you're here reading then I already know you probably love to thrift shop/yard sale/estate sale.   But what about for Christmas gifts??   Well, this year I did a combination of both.  I've been looking around for months and when I found something I thought someone would like that was brand new, with or without tags I would get it.   So with those items and some new store bought things, I did pretty well with all my shopping and didn't spend a ton.  I got some nice things too!   Like the dress for my little niece, it is just adorable, kind of a mod 70's style dress from baby Gap for 1.00 on half price day.  It is BRAND new.   I have a lot of little girl nieces (4) and only one nephew.  That day they had a ton of brand new toddler clothes so I really lucked out.   I don't have pictures of anything because I just didn't have time, I had to wrap and be done with it, we are having our family get together this evening.   About 4 years ago the whole family decided for fun that the only gifts we could give had to either be handmade or thrifted.   That was a lot of fun, trying to find the perfect give for everyone and a challenge.  What about you and thrifted gifts?  Do you give them?  Do you mind getting them??


  1. OMG that troll is hilarious! I love that picture you took of him...

    Last year I decided to give members of my family a thrifted gift and a "real" store gift. A mistake that I made was that I waited too long to look for the gifts thought, so I wasn't 100% thrilled about what I was giving. I started looking way earlier this year and I was so happy b/c I was able to give my mom a J.Crew cashmere sweater and I gave my sister a faux fur vest.

    AND! I still have a thrifted gift to send to you :) lol it's just been chillin in my closet.

    1. Hi Ally! This year I found a beautiful dress for my sister, brand new at a yard sale, I paid 3.00 for it. It was from White House Black Market and it had the tags still on it for 145.00. The bad part is hoping it will fit! Turns out it fit her like a glove so I got lucky : ) I never would have been able to buy her a gift like that otherwise!

  2. HI! Found you from Thrifters Anonymous, and I'm your newest follower! I had to comment when you were talking about giving thrifted gifts. This was the first year that I gave everyone a "real" gift and everyone also received a "thrifted" gift for Christmas. (Books, clothes ... crocheted hangers, purses...) I had SO MUCH fun giving everyone their thrifted gifts. (I'm not sure if they enjoyed receiving them or not; and I'm probably now known as the CrAzY AuNt that gives used things.) Happy New Year! I know you will make 2013 a thrifty one! Jules

  3. And by "follower" I mean I bookmarked your site and clicked to subscribe ... couldn't figure out how to follow you!