Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Black Friday Thrifting

  Well I don't usually go out and do Black Friday shopping.  My good friend loves to go and so does my sister.  They get out there early and get their Christmas shopping started and pickup good deals for themselves.   I did go on the internet and get a little shopping started for my bigger boys.  But of course I had to go out and thrift a little.   One of my favorite Salvation Armies was having a Black Friday sale and  all the clothes were 50% off.   At another all the bric-a-brac was 50% off and at the Lutheran high thrift store all the Christmas items were 50% off.  I wound of spending a total of about 45.00 dollars and had bags of stuff!  Here a a few of my finds:

          A beautiful like new short sleeved sequined sweater from New York and Co. for 4.00 2.00!

                                 And a brand new pair of Gap 1969 skinny jeans for 7.00, 3.50 !

               A brand new with tags still on Merona light pink cardigan for 3.00.  I love lightweight                            cardigans,  I'll get a lot of use out of this.

                           A really cute brown skirt  with this cute ruffly stitch detailing,  4.00, 2.00!

     And this really cute hoody jacket by Hard Tail.  I looked this brand up and found out it retails at Nordstrom for about 90.00 for a hoody.  5.49  2.75

I found this Star Wars mug, it's a really nice one, nice and heavy and looks brand new, unused.  Good gift for my nephew who is a Star Wars fanatic.   1.00

This  cute stocking will be a cute gift for my sisters dog, Monty who is an English Bulldog.  It's brand new with the tag still on and had a price tag of 14.99.  I got it for 3.00, 1.50.  So cute!

This is not a great picture but this is a really nice plaid table cloth with gold threads running through it for 4.00, 2.00!  

                   I got this cute little muslin bag with a cute candle in it for 1.00, .50cents


                                These cute snowman ornaments still in the box for 3.00, 1.50


 And this pretty tealight holder from Costco for 3.00, 1.50 still the box and wrapped in plastic.

             This adorable Santa plush toy with a blanket with the tags still on it for  6.00, 3.00, this will          make a perfect gift to send in the mail to a little girl I know.

I found these great glasses that are just the right size for a little Christmas Baileys or eggnog and brandy.    They are nice, heavy glass I really like them.   they were 2.99, I got them 1.50.

There is two more things I just thought of that I forgot to take pictures of.  A cute, rustic, snowman candle holder I found for .50 cents and two pair of Rainbow thongs for 2.00 a piece which retail for 40.00 a pair and are a very popular brand out here in the OC, my son was really jealous that they didn't fit him, but they both fit me perfectly!  I got a blue pair and a red pair, never been worn.
That's it for my thrifty finds from my last trip out.  I am on the lookout for a long sleeved black shirt and a Levi jacket and a few other things I'm sure I'll find eventually.  That a big part of the fun is finding something you've been looking and waiting for!  What did you find this week?


  1. I love thee first top, perfect for Christmas parties :D

  2. I am impressed by the sequin top (I'm looking for one for the holidays) and those junky glasses (always usable, especially for home made baileys)!

  3. I love meeting another thrift shopper! And that Darth Maul mug rocks. Well done! That sequin sweater is perfect for the holidays. It's also nice to know that there is someone else out there who is as POd with Value Village as I am. They better start tagging more stuff of theirs!