Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving week and new thrifting finds!

Well I think I last posted about going to several sales and a big rummage sale I was really looking forward to.  I expected to find a lot of things at the rummage sale.   Not so much.  I actually didn't find anything there I wanted, it was pretty picked over by the time we got there.  But my thrifting buddy Terri and I did hit a few yard sales and estate sales and I found several items I am very happy with.   First off, this pumpkin welcome mat.  It's brand new and I paid 1.00 dollar for it.  I put it out right away and it is the perfect Thanksgiving mat.  I've paid up to 20.00 dollars for a similar quality mat so this was great!

I love, love, love Johnny Depp and have actually never seen Sleepy Hollow this was a good find for 2.00.

I found these great strainers, I've been wanting these and picked them up for .50 cents apiece.  The nicest boys were running the estate sale of their late grandma and were so talkative and friendly we hung out and chatted with them.  The boy (young man of about 25 actually)  loved his grandma a lot, you could tell.  So sweet.

At a yard sale we just happened to drive by, not on our list, I found this cute T by Free People for 3.00. Free People can be rather pricey at 40.00 dollars for a similar top.

I picked this cute polka dotted skirt by Rampage  for 1.00 at the estate sale for about 1.00.  It's hard to tell in the picture put it is a brown background with pink, green and blue dots.   Like new.

Then at a moving sale I picked up these adorable collector plates still in the original boxes still wrapped in plastic with the papers still with them for .50 cents each.   I LOVED Shirley Temple movies as a child, I have several young nieces I think might enjoy these along with a Shirley Temple DVD if I can find one.

At the same moving sale I found this cute horse pattern.   We have 3 babies on the way in our family and I would love to make them all a little horse.  We'll see, but for .25 cents and the patterns never been used.

I picked up this cool shedding blade for my dog.   This one is for horses and dogs and has a leather handle.  .25 cents.

I got all these books shown and one VHS movie for 3.00 dollars!

                                 A brand new pair of Banana Republic wool pants for......1.00!

                  This cute piece of costume jewelry will look great with a plain sweater, .50 cents!!

Two cassette tapes of Andy Griffith singing Gospel hymns.  I actually will listen to them, my great grandmother used to sing hymns around the house and they remind me of her and what's not to love about Andy?   .25 cents

The New Testament on 45 records.  I just thought this was so cool and obviously really old.  I have a system that has a record player, cassette player and DVD player so I am all set.

The cover is a little beat up and peely but it's from 1953.  And it's the King James Version of the Bible which I prefer, it's a little harder to understand but the language is so beautiful and it is what I grew up on, not all the new versions.  
So these are my latest finds, I hope you enjoy looking and I hope to get back out this weekend after Thanksgiving!   That evening I try to get my Christmas lights up and I've already got my boxes and boxes of decoration down from the attic and ready to go.   I don't think I'll put my tree up until the 1st of December though, I always get a real tree.    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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  1. great finds! Sleepy HOllow is one of my favourite JOhnny Depp movies. it's a little creepy but i still love it. also love the door mat and those banana republic pants are great! good finds!