Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lutheran High Thrift Store Trip

Yesterday I made a stop at this particular store I hadn't been to in a while and I really lucked out!  I actually found a few things but I'm just going to post this for now real quick because I was pretty thrilled about it.  I picked up this pair of BORN sandals to go with my newly thrifted white purse!  I've been wanting white sandals but just haven't found any I really wanted even at the retail store.   The white leather sandals are perfect!  I love the big leather flowers, so perfect and Born is a well made shoe and super comfortable.  These were in like new condition, I just wiped them down with alcohol and sprayed a little Lysol and they are perfect!  Wearing them today.   Will post my other items later.  (oh, these sandals were 4.00  : )


  1. LOVE those sandals. I would totally pick those up if I saw them.

  2. Born shoes are SO comfy! Awesome find :)