Friday, August 24, 2012

Pretty in Pink Thrifty Haul!

I was at the Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago and found this dress!  I LOVE polka dots and I like pink and black.  I really like the bow and sash and the twirly skirt.   I paid full S.A. price for this, no sale, but I really liked this dress and and couldn't leave without it!   6.99

I really liked this one too and paid 7.99 for it.   That's a lot for me at a thrift store but still way less than retail.  They are both really my style of dress, kind of a wrap style dress, or faux wrap.  I think this style hides a few extra inches around the middle pretty nicely.

 I saw this 100% Geniune Leather jacket, brand new and had to have it.   I paid 5.00 for it!!! Don't you just love the ruffle detailing around the collar?  I do!!  (That is my puppy Lincoln at the top of the picture.  He didn't want to move.  Isn't he pretty?  He is a chow/border collie mix and he is a sweetheart. He isn't leaving my side today as I was gone for a week and he missed me so much.  Now he's afraid to let me out of his sight : )

I got this pink/rose colored blazer for 3.00 dollars, it's Banana Republic and I don't think it's ever been worn either, no tags.    Perfect for fall!
 I love this blouse by BASS, 2.00.   It is a very light weight cotton and so comfortable with such a pretty pattern.  

   I got these low heeled Worthington's for 4.00 at Lutheran High School thrift store, one of my favorite stores!  I'm thinking I can wear them with the brown polka dotted dress.

And these cute beaded sandals for 4.00 also.    I think a very successful day thrifting!!


  1. I feel like SA is a little more expensive than the other stores around here in Dayton and Cinci, but NOT in Columbus! So weird how that is- in Columbus I feel like it's the only place I can still find "thrift" prices (like $1 for a shirt). I've been looking for a pink jacket for months now and I can't believe that you found TWO! Very jealous, lol. Sweet puppy!

  2. Once again, you have found some AMAZING buys!!