Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some back-to-school thrifting

Yesterday I went to a couple of my favorite thrift stores and found a few things for my 13 year old, my 3 year old nephew and for me.   I found a cute little pair of pajamas by Carters for my nephew and a pair of baby CROCS.   They are really cute small, I don't think they are too cute when they get really big sizes!  Those 2 items cost me a whopping $ 4.00.   Thrifting is good for everyone but babies and kids grow so fast it really makes sense.    Aren't these just the cutest?  And look  my nail polish matches : )

Next up for my 13 year old.  He just started Junior High.   He liked his first day yesterday.   We went school shopping for him and picked up a couple pairs of pants and about 6 or 7 new shirts and a new pair of shoes to start off the year.   I always thrift for him too after that, the newness wears off after a few washes and you can't tell what was thrifted and what was new after that!    Boys clothes can be pricey too, my son like the skateboard/surfwear brands Volcom, Billabong, Hurley, Vans, etc.   I can find them pretty regularly at the thrift stores or yard sales.   Look at these nice shirts for 1.00 each.



                                                This  is about 80.00 worth of shirts for 3 dollars.

I got this quiksilver hoodie for 1 dollar at a yard sale, I got my older son the exact same hoodie a year ago or so in a different color at the Quiksilver store for 68.00!    Was excited to find this.

For me I found a pair of sandals for 3.00.   These are the brand ECCO.  I didn't know too much about them before but just recently I went with my mom to the Walking Company store, her podiatrist recommended better shoes for some problems she has been having with her feet.   She purchased a nice pair of Danskos on sale for 85.00.    And a pair of TAOS brand shoes for 100.00.    The ECCO brand of sandals sells for 110.00 so when I saw these for 3.00 and in my size I grabbed them.   The look a lot cuter on and they really are super comfortable and definitely a well made shoe.

Last but definitely not least, I went to an estate sale a few weekends ago and grabbed this as soon as I saw it for 10.00!   The lady said she remembered her father carrying it back in the 70's.    I don't know if it is authentic Louis Vuitton  or not but it is really beautiful and looks like an antique briefcase.   I called the Louis Vuitton store in the mall to see if they would authenticate and the saleswoman said they don't do that, I would have to find someone who does that.  But she did say for 10.00 dollars even if it isn't, it is still an antique case and pretty cool.   I was thinking I could give it to my son to use for college, he likes things like this.   We'll see.     Anyway that is all for now but I expect to hit an Estate sale Friday before my busy weekend.


  1. Looks like you were lucky! :) I'm sure your son and nephew were happy, as well as you! Briefcase<3

  2. Those are some great finds! My mom and I recently thrifted a pair of crocs for my one year old nephew- they ARE super cute when they're small sized :) That LV is incredibly cool- and just like you said, even if it's not authentic it was still a great $10 antique find!

  3. Wonderful post dear :))
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  4. Love the luggage, great finds!