Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Back to the thrift stores and some great finds!

Today I had some time to myself and I decided to go thrifting at a couple of places that I go to regularly but I went to a different city.  Goodwill and Salvation Army.  They did not disappoint!  I went to the Goodwill first and looked at what seemed like everything and I just wasn't feeling anything.  Then on the last aisle I went down I spied a red tea kettle.  I made note to be sure and check that out before I left as there was a woman standing right in front of it looking.  So I waited for her to get done and then walked over and picked it right up and turned it over and sure enough my hunch was correct!!  It was a Le Creuset classic demi  tea kettle.  The price tag said 4.99.  Score!!  I looked it up at Williams -Sonoma and the suggested retail is 100.00 and their price was 70.00.  So I got an excellent deal.  It matches exactly with another piece I found, a Le Creuset ceramic utensil holder that I picked up about a year ago for .99cents.  They are both a beautiful red ombre color.

I left there and headed over to the Salvation Army.  I found a couple of things there.  The most exciting to me was a piece of vintage Pyrex that matches with another piece I already have.  And the price, I picked it up for 2.79.   I was thrilled with this find too.

I found an awesome dress, this is a shift type dress, the Payne dress by Diane Von Furstenburg.  I have been finding quite a few of her dresses and tops lately.   This one is so cute.  It originally sold for 425.00 when it first came out.  I paid 9.19 for mine. 

Then I found a pair of awesome ankle strap wedge sandals by UGG for 8.00.  They are like brand new and just a quality well made shoe.  A similar sandal on the UGG website retails for 110-140.00 so I got another great deal. 

I found a really cute pink canvas tote bag by Robin Ruth for 1.99, LONDON is written all over it.  I have the same brand bag with Hawaii on it, I thrifted it before my first trip to Hawaii.  I saw it in a retail store for 35.00, the London bag is a little smaller but looks like a new bag.  Very cute!

In a bin I found the cutest little wristlet by SAKROOTS.  I love the print, it is so nice it has birds on it.  It has kind of a waxy canvax look and feel.  This little bag is brand new too. 

Last but not least I found a box of vintage French verb cards.  Flash cards from the 60's.  I already had the vocabulary cards that I had thrifted about 2 years ago and now I have the verb cards from the same maker, Vis-Ed in pretty pink boxes.

Today was a good thrifting day!!  I always think, I'll never find anything better than something I have already found and then I do!   Reminding me that there are still plenty of treasures out there for you and me to find so keep looking!!!


  1. Thanks Maeve! What do you think is the best thing you've ever found?