Thursday, November 6, 2014

Being Thrifty, not just thrifting!

I have been wanting to get a pretty gel manicure.  They are a little pricey though, aren't they?  And I wonder about a product that I have to soak my fingers in for any length of time.   So I was looking around and have found the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.  It is a gel that does not require a special curing light or soaking to remove the polish.   I received a bottle for my birthday last week and I thought I would give it a try.  At around 9 dollars a bottle for the color or 15.99 for the bottle of color and the necessary gel topcoat, it is a pretty nice deal compared to a salon manicure.

I liked this teal color my son picked out for me : )  I guess he noticed the teal I have been using around the house for decorating and remembered I liked it!   I probably would not have picked this color out for myself but I'm glad he did because I wound up really liking it.  

I always try to do thin coats so they dry really well even if I have to do an extra one for coverage.  I wound up doing 3 coats of this polish, shown below. 

I used the top coat to cure it and sat for awhile waiting for it to dry.   I did it in the evening and was up for a few hours so it did have a chance to dry.  Still the next day I wound up with several dings and scratches.   

 I smoothed them out with polish remover and then applied another coat to the ones that were damaged.  I had checked out a few websites and read that it helps to go outside for a few minutes so I did that.  That must be the trick because they held up very well this time.  

This is after 5 days, picture below and I think it did pretty well.  I actually did a lot with my hands, washed dishes, worked on beadwork, combed my dogs and kitty, my regular stuff.  I don't see it looking that great at 14 days but for me regular polish and topcoat usually starts chipping off in a day or two.  
I will definitely give Sally Hansen Miracle Dry another try and get some Red polish for Christmas.  Here is the link for a lady named Karen Falcon at who blogged about it and shows all the beautiful colors there are.   She reviewed every other polish brand you can think of too so it's a lot of info!!  Probably too much for me.  
 (PS.  I am not associated with Sally Hansen in anyway or Karen, I just thought it would be fun to post my process and that someone might find it useful and a way to save some money : )

After 5 days, just started to chip a little at the thumb and the cuticle area on my index finger.  

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