Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Some thrifting..............found a treasure !

Oh my gosh I was so excited to find a pretty piece of Pyrex in a pattern I already had a piece of!! I had the mixing bowl which I found at the GW for 2.99 which was a great find about 10 months ago.  Today I found a small casserole in the same pattern at a different GW for .99 cents!  It is just adorable and I was thrilled.

  I had no plan to go thrifting today but I was running an errand for my husband and wound up right next to the GW and of course had to run in for a peek.  That's when found this piece, what luck !  Well I had to take a quick scan of dresses and shoes and found one of each.  I found a pair of brand new Sperry Topsider boat shoe wedge heels for 9.99.  This was such a great find, this shoe retails for around 90.00-100 dollars and I found a brand new pair for ten bucks.

One of the reasons I love thrifting : ). I found this dress too, I really like it and it was yellow tag so it was 50% off, yay!  It's a nice soft fabric in navy with the front hem shorter than the back. Very cute. I have faux top siders in navy sequins I got at target that will go perfectly with this dress.  Not a great pic but the dress really is very cute and is perfect for the weather we're having.  

Now I am really on the look out for a smaller china hutch to keep all my Pyrex and other pretties in.  It's a shame to keep them in the cupboard but for now that is where they shall remain.  I am hoping to find one I can paint a teal/turquoise blue.    


  1. Great finds! I love that Pyrex pattern, and have a large bowl in a light brown. I found a pair of $80 LL Bean shoes not long ago. Spray with Lysol and we're all set, right? :)

  2. I bought a really pretty poppy pattern skirt in a charity shop recently. Not something I plan to wear as a skirt but it willl make not one but two pretty aprons. I have visions of wearing a pretty apron over my 'nice clothes' that I can just whip off when visitors arrive. My poor hubby must be sick to death of coming home from work to see me dressed in 'comfy clothes'. I wiill make the effort now and then to look nice... not too often mind cos comfy is..... welll it's comfy for a reason.