Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday thrifting and yard saling!

I had some really good finds today!  First off I went to a community garage sale. I picked up this rely cute dress by BCBG Nordstrom for .50 cents 

I love it!  I found this very cute T by ROXY 
For .50cents.
Very pretty graphic, front and back.
Pretty and fun!  I picked up a couple  of toys there too, really cute, clean, like new!  

I found 4 of these cute ribbed tank tops with the Eiffel Tower in rhinestones, brand new. I will put these in my ebay store along with a few other things. 

Cheshire Cat from Walt Disney .50 cents and a Care Bear, .50cents

Then I swing by my favorite Salvation Army and got lucky there too!  It was 50% off everything but collectibles day.  I found a brand new set of Crate and Barrel old fashion drink glasses for 2.50 still in the box!  If you've ever shopped Crate and barrel you know that was a find 🎅

I love these, the go perfectly with my Christmas decor and will be perfect for my annual Christmas party. 

I found this pewter wine dish for 2.05 from Wilton Columbia. I love it! It's in French, it says a dinner without wine is like a day without sun.  I have to agree!

I thin my favorite thing of all is this bird and feather scarf I found, 1.48. Sooo cute and so in style right now.  I'm seeing bird prints and feathers everywhere and I love birds! And feathers 🎄

I picked up this cool pair of UGG leather boots for my older son, he's in college but he loves it when I pick up cool stuff for him.  I bought him the suede UGGS a few times for Christmas and they go for 150-200 so these are probably not cheap either. Score!  I had a great time, I love to look and found some things too. 

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  1. Love the cups and that amazing vintage dress!