Saturday, July 14, 2012

I've been wanting to do a treasure hunting (thrifting, shopping) blog for a while after seeing so many interesting ones out there, and share my great finds as well.  To start out I will post my finds from today and will go backwards from there a little as I have found some great things this past month.  

Target!!!   I went in looking for a pair of brown sandals.   I never found any.  But I walked out with four other pair of shoes for 39.95 including the tax!!!  I am pretty tall (5' 11") and wear flats often for that reason and for comfort as well.  I found these really cute espadrille type shoes!  I love that they both have a glimmer of gold in the fabric that doesn't shoe in the pictures unfortunately.   They fit great and are so comfortable.   The beige ones will go with everything and the striped ones are just so cute.


These pink loafers are so pretty and are well made.  The material is suede and the soles are very comfortable with great padding.  I like the slimmer more pointed look, I think it makes them look more feminine.  

These beautiful, bright blue with the silver tips were a great find, I was in Target a few weeks ago and bought a tan pair for 19.99 (these were  $ 12.48)  and they didn't have this pretty, blue color.  Target also had a bright almost neon pink color on sale but I think that is a little much for me.  I have a size 10 foot and in my  opinion that is too much pink!   Shoes that are really cute in smaller sizes don't always translate too well in the larger sizes, 10 & up!   It is good to see stores having bigger sizes like 11 and 12 more often.  There a lot more tall girls and women out there it seems with bigger feet now days.  My mom said she was considered having big feet for a girl at a size 8 1/2, that seem about normal now.  

Target had the really high heeled pumps with the wedges at the ball of the foot too, really pretty, in hot pink, gold and other colors, cute wedges in canvas and rope heels in a lot of colors too with major price cuts, 50% and 70% off.   Get over to Target this weekend if you need some shoes!


  1. I look forward to reading about your thrifty finds. I like that you are posting about bargains at retail stores that your readers can participate in, rather than just unique finds at thrift stores and yard sales.

  2. Suzan, thanks for stopping by my new blog, first commenter! I really didn't think about it but your right and I will continue to post about retail finds too : )