Friday, July 20, 2012

A little something

 I went to Big Lots the other day, haven't been in forever! I picked up some food items and was looking for king size pillowcases. I found these for 6.00 for a pair from Michael Kors. I was suprized to find his brand at BigLots. I got these pretty bluish/turquoise cases and then found some plain white ones which I needed for 6.00 also but a different brand. Can't remember. The white ones are actually a lot nicer than the Michael Kors, MK was only 300 thread count and the other ones were 600 and you can really tell the difference. I haven't washed them yet so Im sure the MK will soften up some. Then I ran across some pretty light turquoise colored washcloths. 4 for 6.00. These are Tommy Hilfiger and they actually are a much better quality than the others that were for sale. I could have picked up a stack of about 12 wash cloths for about the same price but they were thin and rough and poor quality, not something I want to wash my face with. So I am happy with these.


  1. wow! good finds! Big Lots is so random sometimes!

    Lindsey Turner

  2. Thanks for commenting LIndsey! I'm so pleased you stopped my blog, you're the pro!

  3. WHAT?! Big Lots? They just opened up be me...I have to go now! Thanks for the tip.