Sunday, July 15, 2012

Accessories !!

I went to a yard sale a few weekends ago and found these earrings.  The people having the sale had a lot of new clothes on racks and said that they had an online store and were cleaning house.  Much of the prices they were asking was what they would expect to get from their store.   Definitely not the prices we were looking for at a yard sale unless it was something really great and there wasn't anything like that there.  But I did pick up a couple of pair of earrings for .50c that were new and still in bags.  


                                                                     And these:

               One day I ran into the .99c store for something and found these in an assortment of colors.  I only got this greenish blue color.  The earrings are wood and look kind of 70's to me, I found a really pretty blouse recently too that looks retro/70's ish and has this color in it so I think these will be perfect.  If your ears are bothered by cheap wires, Micheal's craft store sells  package of 4 pair I think it is, of sterling silver ear hooks for 3 or 4 dollars.    And a box of about 50 rubber stoppers for about 2.00 dollars.   Always a good thing to have on hand anyway if you lose a backing.    I will probably just leave these be, I have had my ears pierced for so long, nothing ever bothers me except earrings that might be too heavy and these are all three very, very light.  (these were .99c by the way, .99c store and all)

I usually get reading glasses at the .99c store too,  I just like to leave them in different places around the house so when I need them I can just grab them instead of look for my glasses which are usually in my purse.   If they get lost or sat on, no problem.  I actually like the pretty aqua colored frames.   2.00 for 2.

And I pair of inexpensive (.99c!) sunglasses.  I wreck these all the time or leave them somewhere and I thought these were pretty cute.  I don't like to wear my expensive glasses out to the park to play with my son or walk the dog so these are perfect and white for summer!

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