Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Thrift Store finds

 I few days ago I stopped in at the Goodwill and found this top.  It was green tag 50% off day.   For me, the challenge is finding something I want that is on sale.  Today I lucked out.   I've seen this type of top at Kohls recently for 20.00.   I really like this color and the detail around the neck of the shell, a little embroidery and beading.   And the color of both is perfect.    It is in new condition.   It is marked 4.99 and I got it for 2.50!
 I also found this beautiful top!  I love it!   the colors are so pretty and it fits just perfect.   It is by One World and their tops retail for around 40-50 dollars.   It was marked 4.99 green tag so I got this top for 2.50 too!   It is in new condition as well.
 It's hard to tell in a picture but the border around the neckline is satin and there are 3 buttons on the front for decoration.   So cute, I love love the colors!
 I stopped by a yard sale last weekend and found this cool  nightie by Dior.   It doesn't look like it has been worn either.   I picked it up for 1.00.   The nightie  is a navy blue trimmed in pink and is below the knee with slits to just above the knee, very classy.   You can't have too many pretty pajamas/nighties in my opinion : )


  1. Wow, you found some great items! I love the detailing on the second top and I adore everything about the third one down... the colour is just so gorgeous!

    You are lucky to find something on sale that you actually want. I can honestly only think of one time where I got something that was 50% off at a thrift store.. Normally I want everything but the colour of the day!

    1. Christina thank you for commenting! I know, sometimes I walk out with nothing but I got lucky : )

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  2. good deals. i had to stop my girls from over spending at the thrift shop. It was like something just took over them.