Saturday, March 30, 2013

Estate sale finds

 I stopped by an Estate Sale in my neighborhood lat weekend and walked out with a few things.  $ 7.00 for everything.  Not bad.

First up is this wooden tray.   I have been looking for something to hold my toiletries on my bathroom counter that I could paint gold as the fixtures in my bath are gold.   I thought this might work.

                               It has a pretty floral and fruit piece on the front.  I like the grapes.

The rest was all fabric.   I've never mentioned sewing because this is my thrifting blog but I did thrift this, I am a fabric and sewing notion hoarder.   I have bins of fabric in my garage.   I cannot resist buying pretty fabrics and threads and yarns, etc.   Patterns too.  I have some from the 80's that I just can't get rid of.  I go through them from time to time to see what I have, think of what I might make with them and put them back.  This is an enjoyable experience for me.  I do not always complete the project but I love the planning : )  Reminds me of my great-grandma, she had boxes of things in her garage and we would watch her spend an afternoon happily going through the boxes, rearrange, look at and then put back and we would shake our heads.  I do the same thing!   I've had a lot of it since my 20's when I had all the time in the world. Nothing like a bunch of projects to make you  face your own mortality!  Wondering will I live long enough to complete all the projects I would like to do, have bought the supplies for?!  Needlepoint, cross stitch pictures, quilts, clothes for me, clothes for little girls, clothes for little boys, dolls, home decorating, etc!   Don't get me wrong, I have finished a lot of things during that time too!    This is a brown and white gingham, about 4 yards, which is pretty popular right now.  I have a cute blouse pattern I could use it with, little girl's sunsuit maybe.

                                       About 2 yards of black dots on white jersey fabric.

                            About 8 yards of this white diamond shape and dots on black jersey.

                      And this pretty tulip print with a black back ground, about 6 yards.   I really like this print             and have already gone through my stash and found the perfect top pattern.  

                    Isn't it lovely?  Perfect for spring and summer.    It's a slinky, non wrinkle type fabric, perfect!

 I did pretty well, if you know anything about buying  fabric you know it runs anywhere from 5.99 and 12.99 for dress and blouse fabrics.   So I did amazing in the yardage department for sure! 


  1. Really great fabric finds! You'll have to post photos of the outfits you make from them.

  2. My favorite is that tray! I've been looking for trays because I want to do kind a bar thing but I haven't had any luck. Pretty fabrics, too!

  3. Great finds! I've had serving trays on my brain lately too. In fact, my friend found me two trays that sit on top of stands. I've repainted the trays and they look great. I'm a fabric hoarder too. I like to use the sewing patterns in my artwork sometimes.

  4. You did great! I love serving trays; you can never have too many, right? And fabric!!! I have my own stash and the only thing I know how to make are pillows and curtains. I have no skill whatsoever. xoxo jules ps... featuring your dog walking outfit this week; already copied the picture... now to get myself an outfit. I should be nice and take my own pooch for a walk!