Friday, March 15, 2013

Yard sales and 50% Friday sale at S. Army

 I like it when yard/garage sales and estate sales start on Friday!  There are so many things to do on the weekend, including sleeping in, and Friday is a good day for treasure hunting, I'm up early anyway to take my son to school.: )

I picked up a couple of hand tools first off for my garden, .50 cents each.

The cutest little metallic travel size  backgammon game!  Look how teensy the dice are!  It had all the pieces and was 1.00

Then over to the S. Army for they're big 50% off everything sale.   I got this hardcover book in like new condition for 1.00.  I watched this show when it was on and really liked it.  Carson Kressley is such a funny guy.  The book retailed for 27.50!  I thought about putting it up for sale after I look at it but I looked on Ebay and there are about 70 nice copies of this book up right now!! ha,ha!

This book is a brand new hardback book too, retailed for 16.95.  I got it for 1.00.   I read all the Nancy Drew books when I was in elementary school.  I had the books, they were handed down from my aunt.  I should have kept them.  I have no idea what happened to them but I enjoyed them.  This is a book for the modern woman using passages from the book, it's pretty funny.

I found a bin of sunglasses and went through them and found these pretty green ones for .50cents.

Then I went to a small thrift store called A New Day.  There is only one and it is owned by a church group.   They have one small 99cent rack but I always find something good on that rack everytime I'm there.   These are a cute pair of Charlotte Russe pants with a pretty sequined waistband.   99cents!

This pretty tshirt top is a Daisy Fuentes brand.  It has a satin lining around the neck and is a flowy, comfortable t shirt.   S. Army for 2.50.   Daisy Fuentes retails at Kohl's for 25- 45 dollars for something similar.

                    A really cute little sundress for .99 cents at the little thrift store by Blue Plate.   The skirt is           lined and this will be perfect for summer around the pool and at the beach.

Another cute Daisy Fuentes with a Hawaiian ish print and a drawstring neck that ties in the back, really cute.

This pretty long top/short dress is Anthropologie  Free People.   I like the back and the pretty sequins covering the neckline and straps.
It's in like new condition and I got it for 4.50.   Free People retails for upwards of 100.00 for a similar dress.

Nanette Lepore pants!

A cute pair of new Steve Madden sandals : )  4.99

My two babies, Link and Spike doing what they love best, hanging out on the beach!


  1. WHAAAT?! That Anthro dress is a killer deal!!!!! AMAZING!

    1. Yep! It was exciting to find it! Really cute : )

  2. Major scores... and you live by the beach? Um, I think your living the life that was meant for me!
    big hugs,

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I love the beach so much, I feel pretty lucky : )

  4. You get the best finds ever!!! I love all of the items you found and I can't wait to see what you have for "show and tell" the next time around! I love the Steve Madden sandals and the sequin waist pants :)