Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A drive by!

I was driving my son to catechism and drove by a sort of new thrift store, only a few months old.  I don't go there too often because their prices are higher, more of a Crossroads type place, but when I saw this sign on the window I had to stop in and take a look on the way back home,  I'm so glad I did!!

                                       I picked up 5 pair of shoes for 10.00!!

These are a beautiful metallic pair of Easy Spirit rope wedges below.   Easy Spirit brand retails for an average price of 60.00 and up!  These are brand new!  And so very comfortable.   So cute rope wedges perfect for summer!

I am loving these, they are covered in rhinestones, sequins and beads, zip up the back and they're J. Crew!!  They've been very lightly worn.   The pictures don't do them justice, so pretty! Unfortunately for me, they are size too small but for 2.00 I couldn't pass them up and can give them to my sister.

This pair is Charming Charlie.  I had to look it up as I have never heard of this brand.  Come to find out it is a local store in Huntington Beach.  These are brand spankin new and they are a bit more aqua colored in real life than the pictures are showing.  I got these for my niece, she'll love these : )

These are a nice thick leather Franco Sarto with stacked heels and pretty cut-out detailing all over.   These are so comfortable.

Last but not least, a really pretty pair of patent leather pumps with pretty scalloping all around the opening and a pretty grosgrain ribbon  bow by Arturo Chiang.  Thanks to Google I was able to look these up and found out that Arturo Chiang is a couture designer who worked under Christian LeCroix and then became the Senior designer for 9 west before coming out with his own line of affordable shoes for women.  Liking a pair of shoes is one thing but for me part of the thrill of thrifting is finding out that I picked up a treasure for a few dollars!  

This pair has leather soles and is engraved in it, soft, sensual soles. I think I really scored today, not just for myself but my niece and sister too!     And a question, do you watch Storage Wars?  I just started watching it and I 'm getting kind of hooked!  I love seeing what they've found, it's exciting although they do end up with a lot of junk too.  Brandi and Jarrod's store is about 25 minutes from my house and Dave Hester had a store right down the street from me.  He had a really big store and it was overpriced I thought.  He folded about a year ago and it is a surf shop now.   


  1. Amazing shoes! So beautiful:)


  2. This is a truly amazing find! I love each pair...nice job!!!

  3. hi Thrifty Girl 51! It is nice to meet you. (I love finding fellow thrifty souls) Those were such a greaaaaaat DEAL!! I lovelovelove those blue heels. What size do you wear again???? hahahahaha.

  4. YOU SCORED!!! Yahoooo! We have a Charming Charlies here in our town; I would much rather find their stuff at the thrift store for $2.00! You did so well; and how fun that you were able to find stuff for your family too! I hardly ever find my size; I need to cute off my toes so I can wear all those cute size sevens I see. Have a wonderful weekend! Jules

  5. WOW, you have the best luck in the world. Those rock!


    1. Thanks! Sometimes I do pretty well : )

  6. Holy crap those are amazing finds! I can't believe those J.Crew...you are the best sister in the world to pass those on. I wish we had $2 shoe days over here!