Thursday, May 30, 2013

My find of the month!

I am really excited to share what I found this evening! I decided to take a quick look around Goodwill after I dropped my son off at his boxing class. I'm so glad I did! This particular Goodwill was jampacked with purses and shoes. I actually found a few things but my new purse made me want to log on and share as soon as I got home. I found, brand new, the Brighton Barbados Ziptop Hobo bag!!  It retails on for $220.00 and comes in 9 colors. It is gorgeous leather and design, the color of my bag  is called platinum and will go with so many things. It's just metallic enough without being over the top, the handle is woven with multi colored strips of leather that really stays on the shoulder without slipping and there's a key holder inside. I love it! My price was
 $ 24.99, a steal compared to 220.00 and brand new.   This will probably be my summer go with everything bag, it's so pretty!! ( And it just so happens my makeup bag matches it perfectly : )


  1. That is a great find! Having said that, I'm a little jelly of all the wonderful fabrics you found back in March. Fabulous, and I hope you sew something up! I wish I was a pattern hoarder. There are a few 80's patterns that I would dearly love to have again. Just haven't found them on Ebay or Etsy yet.

    Sue xo

  2. Wow, what a incredible thrift find you made. It's a perfect size, and I like the color. Congrats on finding such a sensational summer handbag.

  3. Awesome find, girlie! You saved $200 AND so cool that your make up bag matches!!! xoxo jules