Saturday, March 30, 2013

Estate sale finds

 I stopped by an Estate Sale in my neighborhood lat weekend and walked out with a few things.  $ 7.00 for everything.  Not bad.

First up is this wooden tray.   I have been looking for something to hold my toiletries on my bathroom counter that I could paint gold as the fixtures in my bath are gold.   I thought this might work.

                               It has a pretty floral and fruit piece on the front.  I like the grapes.

The rest was all fabric.   I've never mentioned sewing because this is my thrifting blog but I did thrift this, I am a fabric and sewing notion hoarder.   I have bins of fabric in my garage.   I cannot resist buying pretty fabrics and threads and yarns, etc.   Patterns too.  I have some from the 80's that I just can't get rid of.  I go through them from time to time to see what I have, think of what I might make with them and put them back.  This is an enjoyable experience for me.  I do not always complete the project but I love the planning : )  Reminds me of my great-grandma, she had boxes of things in her garage and we would watch her spend an afternoon happily going through the boxes, rearrange, look at and then put back and we would shake our heads.  I do the same thing!   I've had a lot of it since my 20's when I had all the time in the world. Nothing like a bunch of projects to make you  face your own mortality!  Wondering will I live long enough to complete all the projects I would like to do, have bought the supplies for?!  Needlepoint, cross stitch pictures, quilts, clothes for me, clothes for little girls, clothes for little boys, dolls, home decorating, etc!   Don't get me wrong, I have finished a lot of things during that time too!    This is a brown and white gingham, about 4 yards, which is pretty popular right now.  I have a cute blouse pattern I could use it with, little girl's sunsuit maybe.

                                       About 2 yards of black dots on white jersey fabric.

                            About 8 yards of this white diamond shape and dots on black jersey.

                      And this pretty tulip print with a black back ground, about 6 yards.   I really like this print             and have already gone through my stash and found the perfect top pattern.  

                    Isn't it lovely?  Perfect for spring and summer.    It's a slinky, non wrinkle type fabric, perfect!

 I did pretty well, if you know anything about buying  fabric you know it runs anywhere from 5.99 and 12.99 for dress and blouse fabrics.   So I did amazing in the yardage department for sure! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dog walking outfit !

Well I was getting ready to take my pups for a walk and I realized everything I had on pretty much had been thrifted so I thought I would do an outfit of the day outfit.  It was 66 degrees out according to my iphone but it definitely felt warmer than that, I was comfortable in what I was wearing and  not cold.  My top is Banana Republic-1.00 brand new at a yard sale.
Skirt is a no name brand white eyelet skirt from the S. Army for 3.99
The sandals were brand new never worn BORN sandal thongs for 5.99
My earrings are big skinny hoops I got at A New Day Thrift for .99 cents
Bracelet was .50 cents from a Yard Sale.
My ring I found  several years back at an Antique store, hidden and turned completely black,  with a matching bracelet for 120.00, they are handmade and really gorgeous together ! I have gotten a lot of wear out of it.   I love my thrifting but I will definitely spend money on  good jewelry.

12.50 excluding my ring for an outfit that I wear out and about when the weather is good!  Very simple, comfy and inexpensive.

Here is a picture of the bracelet up close, it is a stretch cuff type bracelet and is super comfortable.   I can make similar things, I do beadwork but this was .50,  trendy and cute.   The things I make are more traditional (American Indian)  and much finer work (as in smallness of beads, thread, design) and time consuming.  I always have a lot of ideas for things that never get made because of the time involved.  

And I must point out my manicure, it has been staying really well, this is the 3rd day and I definitely do chores around the house and it still is not chipping.  I am wearing a glossy black from Wet & Wild covered with OPI  teenage dream.  (my son thinks that is  so funny, I'm definitely not a teenager but I like it and I don't care)

Thank you for looking and have a wonderful weekend: )

Friday, March 15, 2013

Yard sales and 50% Friday sale at S. Army

 I like it when yard/garage sales and estate sales start on Friday!  There are so many things to do on the weekend, including sleeping in, and Friday is a good day for treasure hunting, I'm up early anyway to take my son to school.: )

I picked up a couple of hand tools first off for my garden, .50 cents each.

The cutest little metallic travel size  backgammon game!  Look how teensy the dice are!  It had all the pieces and was 1.00

Then over to the S. Army for they're big 50% off everything sale.   I got this hardcover book in like new condition for 1.00.  I watched this show when it was on and really liked it.  Carson Kressley is such a funny guy.  The book retailed for 27.50!  I thought about putting it up for sale after I look at it but I looked on Ebay and there are about 70 nice copies of this book up right now!! ha,ha!

This book is a brand new hardback book too, retailed for 16.95.  I got it for 1.00.   I read all the Nancy Drew books when I was in elementary school.  I had the books, they were handed down from my aunt.  I should have kept them.  I have no idea what happened to them but I enjoyed them.  This is a book for the modern woman using passages from the book, it's pretty funny.

I found a bin of sunglasses and went through them and found these pretty green ones for .50cents.

Then I went to a small thrift store called A New Day.  There is only one and it is owned by a church group.   They have one small 99cent rack but I always find something good on that rack everytime I'm there.   These are a cute pair of Charlotte Russe pants with a pretty sequined waistband.   99cents!

This pretty tshirt top is a Daisy Fuentes brand.  It has a satin lining around the neck and is a flowy, comfortable t shirt.   S. Army for 2.50.   Daisy Fuentes retails at Kohl's for 25- 45 dollars for something similar.

                    A really cute little sundress for .99 cents at the little thrift store by Blue Plate.   The skirt is           lined and this will be perfect for summer around the pool and at the beach.

Another cute Daisy Fuentes with a Hawaiian ish print and a drawstring neck that ties in the back, really cute.

This pretty long top/short dress is Anthropologie  Free People.   I like the back and the pretty sequins covering the neckline and straps.
It's in like new condition and I got it for 4.50.   Free People retails for upwards of 100.00 for a similar dress.

Nanette Lepore pants!

A cute pair of new Steve Madden sandals : )  4.99

My two babies, Link and Spike doing what they love best, hanging out on the beach!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

50% off everything sale at S. A!

I just got this flyer in my mail box, this is 9 Orange County stores! Check yours if you aren't in OC and see if its a company wide sale!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Thriftted outfit of the day.........

So today I am going to step out of my comfort zone a little and do a mostly thrifted outfit of the day.  I enjoy looking at everyone else's and  so I will give it a try.   I feel a little self conscious about it for some reason so bear with me : ) 

Strapless dress, Wet Seal - Yard Sale  1.00 

Outer top H& M  15.99  ( 3 years ago)

Suede Leather Belt thrifted Sal. Army  2.99

Target Flats - clearance 8.49

Vintage Turquoise Necklace - Gift

Ring - Gift