Friday, August 16, 2013

Insomnia's upside

While having a bout of insomnia which makes my crazy, I was channel surfing and found this show!

Cash and Cari

It's on HGTV and is about a woman named Cari who does Estate Sales for people.  Being a thrifter I also love Estate Sales and this show was right up my alley.  I wound up watching 3 shows before I finally got sleepy!   I searched for it during regular daytime hours and it will be showing again on August 20 in the daytime hours from about 7:30 am and on.   If you haven't seen this yet and like this kind of thing I think you will enjoy it too : )


  1. I love that show!!! She is living my dream life. Seriously.

    Hope you are doing awesome... xoxo jules

  2. Love Cash and Cari! She inspired me to pursue a career as an estate sale facilitator. One day....maybe I'll have my own show! :)

    1. That's awesome, seems like a really fun job!