Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Good thrifting weekend!

This past weekend I had some pretty good luck!   My good yard sale buddy Terri and I set out early Saturday morning and were at our first sale by 7:00am.  We hit several that were kind of duds at first but then things definitely picked up.  We stopped at one sale that had some really great things, Louboutin, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc.  But the woman who was selling her things was tiny (to me and my friend anyway) a size 7 shoe and a 4 pant size!  Oh well.  The prices were good for what the items were but more than I was wanting to pay anyway!  50-90.00  for shoes, 50.00 for a sweater.   That would have been my whole thrifting budget for the trip.  So we chatted with the woman and her husband, admired her things and left.    We then found what we were looking for, cute things and great prices : )   I found this cute bag for 2.00.  It's a Billabong bag, a surfwear brand and I didn't find the exact one online but something like it retails for about 35-40.00.   Perfect for the beach.

This very sweet cami type top from Radzoli was 1.00.  I love the hankerchief style hems and this one had sequins too, and the built in bra.  Radzoli is a medium priced clothing line, something similar was about 35.00.  

A few weeks earlier I had found this broomstick skirt at my favorite thrift store for .50.  This is a brand called Double D Ranch wear, a western wear brand.  Probably about 30-35 dollars. 
I was so pleased to realize that my new top matches nicely with the skirt for a warm weather bohemian look which I like!

At the same thrift store I found this pretty silver belt.  .50 cents!

Back to the yard sale, I found a brand new top by Balance Collection by Marika.  1.00.  This is a line of yoga/activewear and I already own a pair of pants and a top I got on sale for 19.99.   Good deal here, at 1.00.  Soft fabric and a pretty color. 

Then I found a pajama set by Private Luxuries, 100% silk.   1.00  Retail about 45-50 dollars.   Pretty lace and embossed like fabric.

A brand new, never been worn pair of Rockport by Adiprene Adidas for........5.00!!!! These are so comfortable.  I think it's great that sporting brands are getting with shoe brands and making shoes that are better for your feet : ) like Cole Haan did with Nike.    Retail, 69.00 approx.  Leather upper, suede sock and rubber/crepey sole.   Love, love.
Another brand new pair of shoes for 5.00 by A2 Aerosoles.  Very pretty pair of shoes for fall.   Retail approx.  59.00.

A beautiful multicolored, one sleeve top by Arden B. with the tags still on it for 1.00    The tags say 49.00

And a pair of Diga sandals for 4.00!   Retail for these is 49.99.  These will go with a lot of things, kind of a bronze metallic color.  I'm thinking they'd go nice with the bohemian outfit above.  Maybe I'll put it all together and take a picture : )

And last put not least as I have worn this top already a few times, a Gap 1969 Limited Edition top for 1.00.  It's not the fanciest but I'm getting a lot of wear out of it at home with shorts to do housework, work in the yard, etc and it keeps me cool.  I'm also showing off a little tan, Monday thru Wednesday my 13 year old, his friend and I went and camped at the beach for 3 days.  We had a marvelous time, I could have stayed except my back would not take anymore nights sleeping on a cot!


  1. Ah! Those people with size 7 feet! They always have the cutest tiny shoes! I feel like whenever I find an awesome pair of shoes at the thrift store, they end up being size 7 and I get all irritated. Ha. Those Adidas wedges you found definitely make up for that, though! Those are cute.

  2. I love it when you can thrift a whole outfit, that top and skirt are lovely together! You sure are lucky when it comes to thrifting :D I'd love to stay out at the beach, sounds like fun :)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love the hankerchief top the most! So gorgeous.

  4. I always LOVE your bargain finds. Seriously, why can't we live closer??? I would tag along for the good deals. I really love the tops.