Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Thriftyness

Here is the finished product that I blogged about a month ago!  I finished it a while back but I've been busy this summer outside and haven't blogged much.  The chairs are all painted and some sewing done.  I think it is a big improvement in my yard and they look so clean and fresh : )

I sewed these pretty cushions for a couple of chairs, I just recovered some pillows I already had that my Mr. didn't really like and they were the perfect size.

My 13 year old son has been going to a couple of soccer camps this summer and has been have a really good time.   He needed a new gym bag and I went out to try and thrift one!  I found one right away at the first store I went to!  I got this awesome bag, Nike!  for 1.50!  It looked almost new but I ran it through the handwash cycle and hung it to dry.  He wasn't too thrilled when I told him I had thrifted him a bag but when he saw it he completely changed his tune, he loved it and thought it was great.  Beats spending 20-30 dollars on a new bag, we can spend that money on the fair this week instead!  Priorities after all : )    I was very pleased to find this nice bag.

I also found a new book bag for my college age son, it is a pretty nice bag too in great shape at the same store.  It is a Quiksilver bag for 2.00 which goes nicely with the Quiksilver mini backpack I thrifted for him a few months ago for 1.50 that he really likes.   I gave it the same treatment in the washer, hung it out to dry and it looks and smells like new too : )   It's so much fun to find something someone needs and you know they're going to like!

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  1. I love finding useful things that I can reuse. It's so much fun to go out to a thrift store with something in mind and then actually FIND it. I found a huge hockey bag ... who plays hockey in Modesto, CA? ... that is perfect for my son's paintball gear! I love seeing what treasures you've found!