Friday, October 5, 2012

Thrifty Finds for Friday!

Today I stopped in the Salvation Army.    It was so crowded!!   Thrifting is really getting out there.  They were having 50% off all clothes.   I didn't find anything I wanted even at 50% in clothes.   This particular one, I seem to have a lot of luck with shoes.  It's funny how, some stores I have better luck with different items.   Anyway, I found this pair of brand new Sofft sandals, red patent leather, never been worn.  these sandals retail for about 50.00 so they were a great deal for 7.99!  They are so comfortable.  

 Then, I found these Clark's for my mom.   These retail for around 120.00 and these are in great shape, practically new.  They look like they've been worn maybe 2-3 times only.   Nothing a little Lysol and Rubbing Alcohol won't fix.  They don't have toe marks or heel marks or anything on the pads.   Nice.  I'm always on the look out for particular brands for her as she has been having problems with her feet and the doctor said no more cheap shoes!  These cost me 6.99.

Then I went by one of my favorite stores, the Lutheran High School Thrift Store.   I found this great grey blazer, it is lightweight and very comfortable.  .50 cents.

 Then I found another nice shirt for my 13 year old, a nice long sleeved t-shirt by Billabong, one of his favorite brands, 2.00.  We're not ready for long sleeves yet but we'll get there!

 This cute little blue shirt is by Tony Hawk (skatewear) and I got it for my little nephew Max.  1.00.
 I was lucky to find this brand new maternity top for my niece for .25 cents!  It's by Motherhood which is not inexpensive : )

Not pictured because I already loaded them into my car player, I got four cds for .25 cents each.   Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Pointer Sisters, Bob Seger and Travis Tritt.  All four were unscratched and in their original plastics!  Yay!

Well that's it for now, there is church rummage sale nearby that starts today at 4:00pm, I will probably swing by and check that out after I pick up my 13 year old from school.   You know he's going to love that!  : |  And that will be it for the weekend!   We are going to the Rodeo and Western Days tomorrow with friends.  Happy Thrifting and Happy Weekend to all!


  1. Awesome red shoes!!!!! They look so comfy.

    BTW- I found something for you but I'm nervous b/c I'm not sure if it's what you had in mind or not...I guess we'll find out!

  2. Great finds! I love that you shop for your family, I do too! I am always finding cute stuff and trying to figure out who will fit in it :D You live in OC right? (I think that's what I read) I love the Goodwills down there. I found a fur jacket yesterday for $20!

  3. I love your new space here!!! I have been wanting a pair of red clogs for some time now...the Clarks remind me of them. I love to thrift shop and I have developed a long list of my favorite haunts. Some are good for furniture, others for shoes, etc... You really got some great buys!