Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goodwill Marketplace

I have been reading about centers where all the thrift store items go when they don't sell.  I was excited to go and check it out and my son and I went on Tuesday morning.  I have to say I didn't like it.  Too crowded everywhere.  First off the parking lot was like an ant hill, I was really afraid of door dings.  We parked a few parking lots over and walked, still optimistic.   Bins full of clothes that people had purchased auction style were all over the outside of the building and all over the parking lot too.  We made it inside to the buy-by-the-pound area and it was a room full of troughs full of clothes and shoes.   Just messy piles going this way and that.   I didn't like it.    I was disappointed, I had thought it would be fun and I couldn't wait to get out of there.   I like the shopping aspect of the thrift stores and yard sales and this didn't feel like that so much.  No offense for those who like it but it just wasn't my cup of tea.  And at 2.49 a pound I can actually get better deals on 1.00 days at the Salvation Army and at yard sales.   Take a look at some of my recent finds.  

This Coach tattersall scarf I found for 3.99.   It's wool and cashmere and is so pretty.  An authentic similar  wool/cashmere Coach scarf retails for 178.00.   I don't know if it is authentic but it is pretty anyway and is so soft and comfy.  I did check out a website on authenticating Coach and it matches up pretty well.

I picked up this cute 3/4 sleeve jacket with pretty covered buttons and stand up collar from Coldwater Creek for 1.00.   I don't think it's ever been worn.

I recently found this messenger bag purse at a yard sale for 1.00.  It has an old world map on it.  Very cute!

At the Salvation Army I picked up this really cute studded suede belt by Calvin Klein for 3.99!

At Goodwill I found this brand new BORN sandals for 5.99.  I love BORN shoes and boots they are so comfortable.  Here in SoCal close to the beach you can pretty much wear sandals year round if you want to and nobody looks at you funny : )   A similar sandal retails on the BORN website for 70.00.

I'm keeping my eye out for a jean jacket, a velvet jacket in a jewel tone and Motherhood Maternity clothes!!  Both of my nieces are pregnant and I have already found them both several pieces.  You wear them such a short time and some of them are really cute nowadays.     What are you on the look out for???


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  2. lovely finds! especially like that bag!