Monday, February 4, 2013

Feeling Thrifty on Thursday!

I found some really great things today!!  The prize was this  beautiful pair of gold and rhinestone sandals by Franco Sarto with lots of bling for 5.00! Unfortunately they are a size too small for me but fortunately for my sis they are just her size so I got them for her. She needs some cheering up, she just lost her best buddy Monty, her precious English Bulldog. He died last week and she is pretty sad. He was a sweetheart.  

I actually found these exact sandals on EBAY for 25.00 plus shipping, used, so this was a great deal and mine were new.  My sis love them and they fit her perfectly.  She is picking up her boy's ashes today and a memorial plaque and then she and her husband are going to go have lunch at the dog beach that they took their buddy to so often : )

R.I.P.   Monty Hemphill

1 comment:

  1. The sandals are fantastic and have just the right amount of bling. Who doesn't love bling?
    How sweet of you to gift them to your sister during her difficult time of losing her beloved pet.