Thursday, February 21, 2013

1/2 off all clothes and shoes!

Today was 1/2 sale day at my Salvation Army. Clothes, shoes and 30% of bric-a-brac. First let me say, this S.A. Has never had the Red tag for higher end clothing with the higher end price. Today it did! A new thing I guess. But there were so many items with the red tags and crazy prices! It's going to be harder to find that treasure for a great price as someone is going through and pricing high. I once got a beautiful Gap coat at this same location for 1.00 on a sale day. Today I saw a gap cost used priced at 25.99!! Not too bad with the 1/2 off but thrifters know what I mean. Well I took a good look anyway and came away with a few things anyway.

This chocolate brown Michael for MK velour track suit for 39.99 1/2 off, 19.99 is not a bad price for both pieces and doesn't look like its been worn.

Nice!!!  We have a few more chilly days left and more rain I'm sure.  

Then I found a really cute pair of shortie pajamas for those warmer nights and they still had the original tags on them.   They retail for about 35.00 on QVC and at Nordstroms.  1/2 price and I got them for 3.00dollars.  I love pajamas and night gowns.  I am always on the look out for them.    

The last item I found was a pair of satiny pajama pants to go with a pajama top of the same fabric in black.  I knew I'd eventually find a pair of pants to go with it.  These are great in a grey with black leopard spots for 2.50.    I think I did pretty well today.  


  1. I will take a matching pair of those leopard jammies, thank you very much!
    I love how you said, " Not too bad with the 1/2 off but thrifters know what I mean." YES! I DO!!! Thrifting has absolutely ruined me for retail stores! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! xoxo jules

  2. You will be so comfy in these awesome finds!!!!

    P.S. be watching your mail...FINALLY lol

  3. I spotted a SA up the street from my office. You have inspired me to go there this week during my lunch break!