Monday, April 21, 2014

More teal and kitchen Items and a cool bag!

I made a quick stop and I actually can't remember where I went!  I think it was the Salvation Army.  Yes, yes I remember now because they were having a 50% off sale.  I found this awesome little plate that so matches the colors and the new vibe in my kitchen (not to mention it is a picture of Chocolate Cake!) so I had to have it.   It's a Hershey's chocolate collector plate which I wasn't aware they even had.  so cute!!!  I picked up this little treasure for 1.30 after the 1/2 price.  Awesome!

Then I found at the same place this utensil holder from Le Creuset.  I was very excited!  It is in excellent condition, not chips or anything!  This sells  online on ebay for around 35.00 asking price and retails for 67.00.   I was very excited, I've been wanting the Le Creuset dutch oven 3.5 quart in  Caribbean blue but it is about 200.00.   I'll have to put it out there for Mothers Day : )  Anyway I was thrilled to get it for 99cents, and even tho I wasn't going to go with any red in my kitchen, the boy in the plate is wearing a red sweater and so I think it will go just fine.   

The last two things are accessories and I just love them both.   The first is a dark red/maroon handbag by Relic.  Very cute and in excellent condition, clean inside, for 3.99.  

 Then check out this brand new handbag with the tags still on it that I picked up for 4.99!  It is so cute and flashy and perfect for going out in the summer!!     Oh and anyone who might read this and lives anywhere near Claremont, California, there is a great store out there that I just found recently with my mom, it's huge.  It's actually where I picked up the last item, the new purse.   It is called Charity thrift and the salesgirl told us that on Mondays they have a 1.00 dollar tag sale on a specific color.  One of my favorite Salvation Army's used to do that and now they don't.  So if your are in that area google the Charity thrift and head on over on a Monday for some great stuff.   

The picture isn't the best, it is a really pretty gold bag with a big rhinestone in the middle of the flower, it is very pretty and sparkly. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thrifty Spring Finds!!!

I went thrifting on Monday with my mom and we came home with a few great things!   I love what I found and they really go together with my kitchen and the colors I am going with for spring!  This placemat actually includes all my colors.  I found 4 of these at the Goodwill in Hawaii.  I love teal/turquoise and yellow and brown.  All three are represented.   First item is this cute little hardboiled egg slicer.  50 cents.  I am a huge sucker for kitchen gadgets in metal like the more old fashioned looking one.  I have a whole drawer full.  This one was made in Germany.  I forget to use them for specific jobs a lot of the time but I just love finding them and buying them. 

Second thing, these adorable corn holders in bright, yellow plastic, kind of feels and looks like melamine.  Perfect for the yard and a  nicer than the plastic ones at the grocery store.  I have a set of clear glass ones but these are much better for the back yard.   So pretty!  I can't wait to use them.  I love BBQ'ed corn with lots of butter and salt and a little Cholula (?)  hot sprinkle.  $ 2.00

Next is this very cute cake plate and cover.  I had thought I wanted a glass one and maybe I still do! but I saw this one and had to have it, the turquoise bottom is just perfect!  It looks very 50's to me.  It is like Tupperware but is made by a company called Tucker and it was made in the USA.   1.50 for me : )

Lastly is a clothing item, this pretty Lilly Pulitzer dress!!!  I LOVE it.  Big yellow daffodils on it, it is just screaming springtime!  And what an amazing deal on this, so exciting!  I found it at the Goodwill with the Lilly Pulitzer tags still on it including the price tag, $ 278.00 dress, brand new and I got it for..............8.99!!!   This has been a pretty successful week thrifting, I hope you all are doing well too,  Happy April  XXOO