Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thrifty Spring Finds!!!

I went thrifting on Monday with my mom and we came home with a few great things!   I love what I found and they really go together with my kitchen and the colors I am going with for spring!  This placemat actually includes all my colors.  I found 4 of these at the Goodwill in Hawaii.  I love teal/turquoise and yellow and brown.  All three are represented.   First item is this cute little hardboiled egg slicer.  50 cents.  I am a huge sucker for kitchen gadgets in metal like the more old fashioned looking one.  I have a whole drawer full.  This one was made in Germany.  I forget to use them for specific jobs a lot of the time but I just love finding them and buying them. 

Second thing, these adorable corn holders in bright, yellow plastic, kind of feels and looks like melamine.  Perfect for the yard and a  nicer than the plastic ones at the grocery store.  I have a set of clear glass ones but these are much better for the back yard.   So pretty!  I can't wait to use them.  I love BBQ'ed corn with lots of butter and salt and a little Cholula (?)  hot sprinkle.  $ 2.00

Next is this very cute cake plate and cover.  I had thought I wanted a glass one and maybe I still do! but I saw this one and had to have it, the turquoise bottom is just perfect!  It looks very 50's to me.  It is like Tupperware but is made by a company called Tucker and it was made in the USA.   1.50 for me : )

Lastly is a clothing item, this pretty Lilly Pulitzer dress!!!  I LOVE it.  Big yellow daffodils on it, it is just screaming springtime!  And what an amazing deal on this, so exciting!  I found it at the Goodwill with the Lilly Pulitzer tags still on it including the price tag, $ 278.00 dress, brand new and I got it for..............8.99!!!   This has been a pretty successful week thrifting, I hope you all are doing well too,  Happy April  XXOO



  1. love the dress and the cake carrier. great finds!

  2. I love kitchen gadgets too, especially those from the '50's and earlier. The cake carrier is very cool, makes me want to bake something