Friday, June 13, 2014

Estate Sale around the corner : )

Well there was an estate sale in my neighborhood in walking distance so I finally had to go over and check it out.  I spent 3.25 and picked up avfewclittle items 

I can always use a Tupperware measuring cup, I only have a one cup size and this is 8 cups. Score for 25 cents.  

I used to watch this program and I love aunt. Bee and cookbooks : ) 1 dollar. 

This handy clear plastic tray is pretty big and can hold taco fixings or beads and craft dupplies, I haven't decided.  1 dollar

I bead myself so I know how time consuming it is.  50 cents 

50 cents 

Just a cute little charm bracelet I'm going to try and polish up. 50 cents. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rummage sale weekend!

This past weekend was a great one for rummage sales!  In walking distance from my house is St. John the Baptist church and they were having there annual church carnival which includes all different kinds of food, rides (no thank you) games, bands all day, enormous rummage sale!!!  The kind where the person at the table looks at your pile of items, doesn't count them and says, how bout 4.00 for everything???  Great!   I got many wonderful things and I will show you a few of them here.  The same weekend was another church rummage sale across town at St. Andrews.  That was really good too, I picked up a lot of great things there.  I don't have pictures of everything because, well there were just too many items.

Aren't these vintage yellow flower pillowcases with a eyelet trim beautiful?  They really are and they are in perfect condition.  No stains, tears, worn spots, nothing.  So pretty.  50 cents apiece.

I found 4 of these melamine salad/lunch size plates.  In the beautiful teal/turquoise color I've been loving lately!

And a very light turquoisey blue bowl and a light green one too, 50 cents each.

I could not resist getting this Buzz Lightyear mug!  It is just so cute!!  Toy Story was my now 14 year olds favorite movie when he was 2-4 years old and I have easily seen it a few hundred times.   I didn't really think he would want it at his age but I just got it for me.   Suprise, suprise, when I took it out of the bag he said, "Is that for me?" and immediately wanted to put juice in it.  (We washed it first : )    I was suprised but very pleased.  When he tires of it I can give it to my 5 year old nephew.  I might sound like a bowl of sentimental crazy but I swear Toy Story stuff can bring me to tears right now.  My two sons are 25 and 22 so obviously this one is my baby and he is my last child.  I miss my little babies so much, it was such a great time in my life, I am getting teary right now just writing this!  Sheesh : )
1 dollar.  He is from the Disney on Ice shows which I guess is why I've never seen it in the store.

I couldn't beleive my eyes when I saw these vintage enamel daisy burner covers!  They are just beautiful!   I love, love, love them.  They were all taped together and had a price tag of 3.00!  Yes, thank you!

I meant to buy this chair for my sewing table but forgot about it as soon as I got inside the sale.  Oh well, it was really cute though and comfortable for 10.00.

My husband was with me at St. John's rummage sale, we enjoyed the food and entertainment for three nights in a row.  Walking distance from our house, it was really fun.   He spotted this couch and rug and had bought it before I even walked up!  He got both pieces for 35.00 each.  They are both in beautiful shape and fit pretty nicely in our living room.  the door behind the couch will soon have drapes that  can be pulled closed when the boys have friends over.  That room is kind of storage right now but it has a fooseball table and games and stuff and opens up to the backyard and the pool area.  I am trying to get it ready for summer.

  My uncle used to own an Oriental Rug store in Corona del Mar so I gave him a call about the rug.   He knew what it was right away.  It is called a 90 line 5/8.  It is still imported and available in L.A.  It retails for 16 dollars a square foot so this one retails for 1280.00   I think my husband did an excellent job don't you?  We plan to keep it but it is something we can always sell later on and make a few dollars.  Really great finds!

The detail in the rug is just so beautiful, the pretty flowers and all, I just love it.

     The last night everything was half off of already low prices and I did a quick walk through to see if there was anything else I wanted.   I'm really glad I did!   I found these beautiful authentic sandpaintings!  I was very excited, of course I had to have them!  3.00 for them all.  Yay!!  They are signed by an artist named "Yazzie" which is a pretty common last name in the Navajo nation.  I looked on ebay and there are actually a lot of sandpaintings for sale.  But I was looking for something by the same artist and I found one.  Some of the paintings by different artists were similar but one detail that this artist has that was different than the others was the hands.  His hands are very Edward Scissorhands in the 2nd and especially the 3rd painting.  I really love them.

And no, I did not pick this guy up at the sale.  This is my baby Link, my precious doggie.  I just had to include this picture of him <3  We went to the beach this morning to walk and play ball and I snapped a few pictues.  This makes him look so vicious but he was only asking me to throw the ball to him.  He is a beautiful black and brown Chow/Border Collie mix and he was rescued from the animal shelter.

Well that's it for this post and I hope you enjoyed seeing my finds, I feel like I got some real treasures!