Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July 2016

I went into Salvation Army with my mom to look for a piece of furniture and of course I took a quick look and found couple items I had to have inside 10 minutes!  Check out these beautiful brand new platform sandals by Kenneth Cole! So cute, super comfortable and platform sandals are for sell everywhere right now. I saw some really cute ones at Target but these were an even better deal, score!  Retail 128.00, my price-8.00!

I picked up this very cute and comfortable maxi dress by Caslon.   I was pleased because it is long enough for me! I'm 5' 10" and a lot of times maxi dresses are too short.   $ 4.95.


A very successful, quick, stop that makes me want to go out again soon!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Thrifty dollar goodness

 I'm definitely a thrifty shopper in more ways than one.  I love my thrift stores and yard sales but I like to check out the dollar tree and 99cent only store too.  Today I picked up a double pack of AIm massage toothbrushes for 1.00, an ELF jumbo lipgloss stick, 1.00, a 2 oz size tube of  Dermasil oil free daily retinol face cream and a tube of the night moisturizer, too.  I got a new book, Lydia's Party.  It has a pretty cover and sounds like a good read. Retail 26.98, my price, 1 dollar. Especially looking forward to reading this, JoAnn Mapson, author, reviewed it and I think she's an awesome author besides being an old friend of my moms!  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

January thriftiness

I went thrifting a little today at the Salvation Army, my favorite, and picked up a few great things!   My middle son is going back to school tomorow and we are getting some rain so I found him an umbrella.   A BURBERRY UMBRELLA!!!!!   It is in perfect condition and is very nice.  I didn't open it to take a picture because of having to get it back in its holder.   I found a similar umbrella at Burberry for 225.00.  For an umbrella??????!!!!!!!    $ 1.69 was an awesome price.  

The same son is an art major so I grabbed these paint brushes by Princeton Art and Brush Co.  The smallest one retails for 2.88 on their website on sale.  I got all six of them for $ 1.69.

My oldest son is artistic too and likes to do ink drawings just for fun.  He was asking me awhile back if I had any fine line drawing pens so I has happy to find these for 2.29.  I scanned them and the retail was 14.95.  

Check out this very pretty 3 wick 14 oz candle by Bath & Body Works home.   It smells WONDERFUL.  Pomegranate Prosecco Punch.   This size and style candle retails in BBW for 22.95.  Some of their holiday scents are on sale on their website right now for 12.00.  I picked up this brand new candle for 6.10.  1/4 of the regular price and 1/2 of the sale price.  Yay!  I am always on the look out for candles when thrifting, I find them very often.  I like Yankee Candles too, high quality, made in the USA candles that retail for about 15.00 or so and I find them for .99, 1.69 in the past.

While I was in the store they announced a flash sale on clothing for an hour.  This dress was 9.19 so I was able to get it for 4.60.   Just a cute shift dress to wear under a black sweater, I'm thinking with some black tights and black flats.  It is very cute on.  SAG Harbor.   

Even just picking up a few items I had huge savings.  Which is one reason I love to thrift shop.  It's fun, I never know what I'm going to find and the amount of money I save is awesome.  Till next time! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More 90% off Christmas decor at the Salvation Army

I live by the ocean and it never gets very cold here so I left up my beach tray, the colors were perfect and the tray is appropriate based on our weather!  I picked up the needle point Santa for .09 cents, he is so cute. 

The Santa below is much larger, about 24 inches tall and needlepoint too, so cute!  .09 cents.

Look at this Gorgeous wreath!!  .41 cents. I Love it.  It had a Michaels tag for 36.99.   .41 cents, I got it for .41 cents!!!  I got another similar one with two swags to go with it with red balls on it, very beautiful too, .41 cents each.  I have it bagged up already to pack away for next year.  A total of about 100.00 worth of decorations for about 1.60.  I can hardly wait for next year to decorate again!

I picked up this vintage looking piece at the thrift for .99 cents before the big sale.  So sweet. 

And this vintage plastic wreath. I meant to put a red bow at the top, a red plastic one but I never got around to it.  

Christmas finds that I love <3

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

I found this awesome Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore Santa figure to add to my Christmas decorations!  I was very excited, isn't he adorable?  And he's holding a cat which makes it even better. He is about 12" tall.  I found him at the Salvation Army for.......33 cents!!!  He was 3.39 but they started a 90% off Christmas decorations sale a whole  5 days before Christmas so I picked him up. The tree he is standing by was .09 cents!!! This figurine is selling right now at for 66.00. I scored.  I have a Jim shore Halloween snow globe I bought a few years ago and it was 54.00.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Look one size smaller! NYDJ

Um gotta love it when the label on a pair of jeans says that! I've tried them on, the fit like a glove bit have stretch so they are very comfortable. I got these at the Salvation Arny in Fountain Valley, Ca on 50% off everything day making them 7.50. For a brand new pair of teal (my favorite color) stretch Not Your Daughters Jeans.  This brand retails for 90.00 and up and was once one of Oprahs picks.  

I found another pair same brand in blue denim for my mom and she really likes them too.  Mine are skinny jeans, hers are not, for a similar price NWT on the same day. Score!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thrifty finds

Check out this beautiful table cloth I recently found at a rummage sale.   So pretty for spring and summer.  It's an April Cornell Tablecloth and they retail from 50-60 dollars and more.  Great deal for 1.00.

I picked up a couple of Pyrex lids for .25 cents each at the Salvation Army,  you never know when you'll find the bottom to match, it's happened to me before!

An awesome Starbucks Mug, one I've never seen to add to my collection.  .70 cents.

I was very excited to find these Brand New Adrienne Vittadini jeweled leather sandals at the Salvation Army this week for 4.00!  They last retailed at Macy's for 79.00.  These may have been at Ross based on thelook of the  red size sticker but they are a perfect fit and so pretty!  I've been wanting jeweled sandals ever since I thrifted some for my sister a few summers ago.  Love, love, love!!!

This is such a cute top although you can't really tell by the pictures.  It's a Lauren for Ralph Lauren boatneck top in Navy blue with gold, glittery stripes.  So cute!   It was 2.00.  If anyone is in the Orange County, CA  Anaheim area, the Salvation Army there on La Palma Parkway has Adult clothing on sale everyday for 2.00 even though the price tags say more.  Children's clothing is 1.00.  Awesome buys.
This top will look great with dark wash jeans or a nice crisp pair of white slacks would be pretty too.

Well that is it for this post, I'm hoping to get out there more often for some summer clothes and other great finds.   (Pyrex, Starbucks, etc.)