Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tail end of a Community Yard Sale!

I know everyone likes to get out early to the yard sales, some people are up and out by 6:00am, 7:00.  I do it too.  I know the early bird does catch a lot of worms.  But I have had the experience where I just can't seem to get out the door early on a Saturday and wind up at the yard sale right before closing time.    You can get some really good deals that way too.  Today I stopped by one that was three houses together and as soon as I walked up a lady handed me a box and said to fill it up for 1.00!   Well there was actually tons of cute stuff left so my son and I looked around.  I got quite a few Christmas items here, brand new garlands to decorate with, beaded garlands, glass balls to craft with, etc.   I filled my box with my goodies and gave the yard sale 10.00 for my box instead of the 1.00.  I like a good deal but I can't walk away with so much great stuff for nothing.  At 10.00 it was still and excellent deal for what I found.  

Adorable little corduroy romper for my little niece.  So cute!!

Appliqued piggies, cows and ruffles, so sweet!!

Patriotic swags 

I love this!!   I think it is a cheese cover, that's what I was thinking of using it for anyway, with the little knives and snowflake pattern.  I have a set of snowman dinnerware that this will go with nicely : )

A vintage 1987 DAKIN plush animal, so cute!  He is a duckbilled platypus in an outback outfit.  He's like new!

A pile of Christmas things: 

garlands, beads, candles, glass balls and vintage ornaments and a blue tree skirt for my little silver tree with the all-blue decorations!

I had both of these when I was a child!   We had bags of elves we used to play with and my grandma had a pin just like this.  You pull the string and Santa's nose lights up : )

I just love him <3 <3

This adorable handmade gingerbread couple!  I was thinking of changing their bows to Christmas colors and making the Mrs. a Christmas apron.  

This really cute nutcracker mug still in the box with the packaging.  I bought my sister some pumpkin spice cappuccino last night at a crafts fair so this will be the perfect mug to give her with the coffee  to drink it in.

I found these really cute t shirts that are handmade with cute Christmas pictures sewed on them with some lace.  A bear, a fawn, and two puppies.  The snowflakes have rhinestones on them.   Brand new and still in the bags, they will be perfect for 4 of my nieces for a little pre-Christmas gift.  

I feel like I really made out and found some great things for a great price.  Sometimes everything isn't picked over so I'm so glad I stopped.  Fun, fun!